Sassy cats – 2017, the year of Gracie, the Velcro cat

A fourth cat showed up in January. It was unplanned but most are. She came to us after two major surgeries. One to remove a badly infected eye and the other to terminate a late-term pregnancy and spay at the same time. She weighed barely over six pounds and was weak. She had difficulty jumping. We were worried.

Gracie, after dental surgery, with her tooth fairy gift!

She had urinary crystals and a few bad teeth that needed to be extracted. When she recovered, she was a new cat. She put on two pounds and has a nice Buddha belly! Feeling so much better, she blossomed into her fun and demanding self.

Hey human! Come look at this. It’s spinning! Hope my mousie isn’t in there!

Gracie is very much a people cat. She is like Velcro. I can’t go anywhere without her checking on me, laying on me or pestering me.

Although she came from a home with too many cats and no vet care, she was very socialized and fearless. We had a repairman come to the house. She sat on a chair and watched him. When he was putting his tools back in his toolbox she rolled on his feet for a rub.

Red is my color! Doncha think?

She brought much energy and work to this home. She gets along with everyone (miracle!). Loves people (but prefers me!) It was a good decision. She is the second cat that fit the category of “older and harder to adopt” and both were blessings.

Morgan and Gracie enjoy sitting together. Without fighting.

The other two cats fit in the harder to adopt category too but in different ways. I would encourage anyone to consider older or shy animals when they adopt. Not all of them look good in a shelter but they blossom in a loving home.

So sweet when she’s sleeping!

Kudos to all animal shelters that are willing to rescue and invest in the vet care needed to rehab animals. Please donate to them. They all operate on a shoestring.

All of our pets are loved and each one has a different back story. All happy endings!

Our animal house sends a happy holiday greeting to all of you. I would provide a video but the song of their people is not a pretty song. (They don’t like the song of my people either!)




59 thoughts on “Sassy cats – 2017, the year of Gracie, the Velcro cat

  1. So glad you have rewarded with such wonderful cats! You are so right about the shy ones blossoming. When we got our two boys at the shelter they were very skittish. Even after we got them home, it was a few weeks until we saw anything other than blurs running from one under-furniture hiding spot to another. But eventually they calmed down. It has been several years now, and they own the place!

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    • It just takes patience. Our Hazel will never be a lap cat but once in a while she comes for scratches and some loving. Most of the time she makes sure she can get away if you look like you might smooch her head.


    • Kittens are adorable but you are right about the work part. They shouldn’t be left alone all day either. Most of our local shelters hold kittens until 12 weeks when they aren’t quite so fragile and require adopting in pairs. Both good ideas. Some older cats are returned to the shelter because their owners move into assisted living or some other life event. There are no behavior problems and those cats make excellent pets.

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  2. There is so much to love about this post. It’s testament to what love and care can do for anyone or anything. Gracie went through a lot of suffering to eventually find her forever home 💕 It sounds like you have both been blessed!

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  3. This is such a great reminder that the animals in our local shelters (and those in need of these shelters but not there yet) need our support. Every small action for our shelters helps, whether it be volunteering a bit of your time, making any size of a cash donation, dropping off old blankets/sheets/towels, helping to create awareness (as you just did), and/or adopting a pet of your own. Thanks for sharing this, Kate. I have retweeted this post.

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    • Thank you! We have several local no-kill shelters and they do fabulous jobs. Thirty years ago both Morgan and Gracie would have been put down because of their eye infections. Probably Mollie and Hazel too as they had “unadoptable” features — older and shy.


  4. Reminding us of Gracie’s entry into your life this year was a sweet story to read. What a wonderful little pal she is, your Velcro pet! 🙂 I return the wishes that your Christmas be joyful, and as you take us with you into 2018, I look forward to more of your delightful stories. ox

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  5. Well done, Kate and well done Gracie.

    It’s so true, those older rescues are hard to place, but thoroughly gratifying. Everyone goes for the kittens and puppies. The older animals, though, are marvelous — their personalities are formed, so there’s no surprises.

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  6. I love this post with great pictures of Gracie and I want to just smooch her! I want to boop her nose. And my heart is happy that she enjoys all the love that is your home. Z Cat was a velcro cat and I loved it. I couldn’t get a dang thing done in the house, she was always stuck to me like glue.

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  7. Yes, kittens and puppies are cuter, but they all look the same in about 6 months. The older pets are usually spayed and neutered in advance and their personalities are already formed. So lovely that you adopted Gracie. She and you are blessed!!

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  8. My Karma died in January. Dagan and Leah’s one cat Sammy died a couple months before that. Their one lone super shy not very friendly cat, Annie, about eight years old and had been a street cat rescue and who was terrified of the grandson came to live with me before the second grandson arrived. We prayed she would at least be happier here where it was quieter and no kids around. She has been turning into my personal velcro cat. Karma did not die in vain. 🙂

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    • What a wonderful story! Not all cats like commotion and chaos. Gracie would be in the thick of things but my very shy Hazel would not be a happy camper in a house full of children. So glad that the change worked for Annie.


  9. Bless them each and every one – and those who stepped up for them.
    What a difference – such a charmer.
    Nothing is more loyal, faithful, and true than a rescue animal. They’ve seen the hard life. (We seem to gather the against all odds ones, too. – all the more joy and love they return from saving it up)
    Merry on

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  10. We are currently soooo busy with the kids activities (rep hockey, ringette) that there is neither time nor money to add in cats. Or dogs. Which is why we dog-sit. It helps, having part-time dogs (and no incurred costs) and our friends are so appreciative. Bonus: the kids get to grow up with dogs even though we don’t own one anymore (he died at age 11 when my second was a tot).

    For now this is how it has to be. But one day, the kids will be gone, and since I follow the local humane societies on social media, I have plans. Plans to adopt those cats that need me most. Like your Gracie 🙂

    Lovely to read your story. ❤

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  11. Love this post and how Gracie blossomed in the right environment – yours!
    We’d have a cat already if we could but Hubbs is deathly (ER visit) allergic. When the day comes to get another dog, I’ve already decided it will be an older one just looking for a cozy home to rest in. Cheers and Merry Christmas, too!


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  12. I’m so glad Gracie found a home with you. We adopted a large dog from the animal shelter. The worker there said large dogs were not very adoptable. So the contrarian streak in me went straight for the large dogs. Maybe people are worried about how much food they eat. Anyway, he’s wonderful!

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