Sassy Cats — Peace again

After two weeks of sickness, Hazel is back to normal. Yesterday was her first medication-free day and she’s loving it. (I’m loving it too. It was never easy. There was always the chase! Under the bed. Around the furniture. Up the stairs. It’s amazing how fast an overweight cat can run if she wants too. Fortunately she tired out before I did.)

There were two vet trips and four phone calls total and we’re still not sure what happened. As you can see from this picture, the furniture was shrouded. That’s to protect it from accidents. The shrouding is off now. It looks like a normal house again.

Morgan is again willing to sleep with her butt-to-butt. Thanks to all who sent their best wishes. Hazel sends her purrs!

69 thoughts on “Sassy Cats — Peace again

  1. Glad Hazel is well. I just went through a round of medicating my cat. You are so right. The medication is easy, it’s catching the cat that is hard. Once in a while I could catch her napping, but not often. They get wise to your intentions really fast.

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    • I ooze something. I have gotten into the habit of petting her when I put the food down. That would allow me to scoop her up if medication is needed. She lets me do it unless there is medication coming. I don’t have it in my hand or anywhere visible so she must sense it. Doggone cats are pretty smart!

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  2. Poor baby. Poor Mama. I’m happy she is better! We have had a cold going around here. The vet keeps having me add powders to their food. Pretty soon I’ll be adding a tiny bit of food to a big bowl of powder.

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      • Yes, probably. I have Dasuquin for arthritis for them, but am not using it right now. I am using L-Lysine for the colds and probiotic for the digestive troubles and then there is a new one for Pear that is for the UTIs–supposed to be like cranberry for humans.

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        • That’s one of the alternatives the vet said I could use if she doesn’t eat this high priced ($45) stuff. It’s going to be work because I have to cut the pill in half, then crush it. I wish it would come in a powder.

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          • I’ve been doing that with L-Lysine until the vet said it doesn’t work as well and to switch to the powder. Yes, had to haul out the heavy mortar and pestle every meal. I’m sorry you have to go through that!


    • Yep and begging for food! She lost slightly more than a pound during this ordeal and we are maintaining that. I will slowly (very slowly so she hopefully doesn’t notice) cut back a little at a time to get her down another pound or two.


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