Another round of oddball thoughts

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Today I met up with one of my former gym friends at the mall for an early morning walk. She is in her early 80s. I was worried that she would hold me back. I wanted to get “good” exercise. Compared to her I walk like a snail or turtle. She had me clipping at a pace that was exhausting. Never judge anyone by their age.

She introduced me to a few other women who walk the mall. One woman was tall and lanky. I pegged her for mid-60s. She had long curly hair and her face wasn’t overly wrinkled. She was 92. She lifts weights (heavy ones) twice a week and walks the other days. Amazing!

There is a new gym coming to the mall too. The owner says he will have something for seniors. Interested to see what it is although I like my current gym. Exercise for seniors is big business now. There are so many of us trying to be fit so we can live long enough to disrupt the economy.

Speaking of my current gym, I saw a sight that burned my retinas. Long-time readers will remember I talked about Hootchie Mama from my old gym. She was 60-something, overweight and wore the skimpiest outfits. She stuck out all over. ALL over! It wasn’t pretty. The sights you’d see! Oy vay! This week there was an older woman at my gym who had the shortest shorts. No one wears shorts at my gym not even the younger women. It’s all yoga or exercise clothes, close-fitting and stretchy and to the calf. This woman was cycling up a storm. Again, it wasn’t pretty.

The only bad news is that the pink sneakers I saw on my walk last week were no longer there. I really didn’t need them but they were that nice shade of soft pink that’s popular now.

I’m done thinking for today!

61 thoughts on “Another round of oddball thoughts

  1. It’s just wonderful to hear about these women in their 90’s! I would think that being in their company would be excellent motivation to continue with your gym routines. I just can’t imagine how it is that some women can wear such inappropriate clothing and not seem to care. I have seen the same kind of attire, or lack of it, and find I almost can’t stop staring! I wonder what the new mall gym will offer to possibly tempt you. 🙂

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    • Convenience would be the only thing the new gym would offer. Maybe more older people but I do like my current one and it’s about a block farther. These women are an inspiration. I am routinely walking with an 87 year old and she gets me winded. The time goes incredibly fast when you walk with someone too.


  2. All those women you run into who are big on exercise and look younger than their age are an inspiration to us all.

    A big thumbs down to older women in short shorts.

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  3. “Exercise for seniors is big business now. There are so many of us trying to be fit so we can live long enough to disrupt the economy.” I could not stop laughing Kate! Something about that was just so funny at the moment.

    I went to a police baton training class years ago, I think I was 32, they had us run during the class. There was an older man there about 60+, he passed me and my partner running backwards on the last lap. I wanted to fall out, and I thought I was in shape.


  4. Mall walking !!! – well, you live and learn ! Do they pump fresh oxygen through it every now and then so you’re not all breathing in carbon dioxide??
    I just toil up hills and breath fresh air in our forest, still nursing my broken/numb leg !!
    I’m 80 in a few months, but don’t think of myself as a ‘senior’… just ‘older’ !!!!

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  5. As you can see, I am all caught up on your blog now – can’t believe I had to go all the way back to early October to find where I left off. I plan to turn over a new leaf and blog-stalk at shorter more regular intervals from now on.
    Is mall walking really a thing? And how are your skills in pickle-jar opening developing. And why does it seem to me that there are parallels between your new gym and my new chickens?

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  6. Wow! Never underestimate the seniors! Will be interesting to see what the new mall gym will be like. You might want to change. Be convenient to do walking and/or gym kind of in one place. Do they have a coffee shop there, too–LOL! 😉

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    • Starbucks is on the parking lot so I always stop there afterward. It would be convenient but I’ll wait and see. The great thing about my new gym is that it’s big with a lot of equipment. Doesn’t get jammed up (except for that woman with the too short shorts who hogged the bicycle!)


  7. I was on a machine this morning behind a woman who looked like she was in her mid-seventies. She was on an elliptical and using it to just go down slightly with each foot. No upper body work, but her feet and lower legs. At first I thought “why bother?” but then I slowly realized she was getting a better workout than I thought. As with any exercise, it’s always better than none at all. It’s always disconcerting to see so much skin at a gym, even on someone with a good body. – Marty

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    • If anything, most of the folks at my gym are overdressed with hoodies. There is an older guy who wears shorts but they are very long (like the basketball players) and everyone else is well covered. It’s the first time I saw this woman and hopefully it will be the last. She went on a piece of equipment and hogged it for the entire time I was there. Most of the equipment has multiples but not that one. People do that with ellipticals and treadmills but there are at least 25 of each of those. Perhaps I can suggest she try those instead.

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  8. I wonder if people who wear clothing like that never look in a mirror? Or have anyone who loves them enough to tell them what they actually look like? I think I’m going to have to do some mall walking soon, I feel I’m missing out.

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    • Since it’s a mixed gym with both sexes I was surprised by the outfit. It’s not that hot and they were extreme. Looked like summer shorts for a 12 year old to me. Perhaps she’s new and doesn’t have stretchy clothes. The mall walking is far more interesting. People are friendlier because they can talk and walk. I don’t know what got the better workout today — my lungs or my legs. It’s my legs, definitely my legs. They are still complaining!

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  9. “… live long enough to disrupt the economy.” Ha! Absolutely! I don’t go to a gym, but I do power walk, and today I’m going to check out the Pickleball league at a local rec center. A friend of mine plays it with her husband where they live and says it’s a lot of fun… we’ll see. Hopefully no one will be wearing short shorts.

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