Sassy cats – The weird

All of my cats have their weird idiosyncrasies. None is harmful. Most are amusing.

Grunt? Those aren’t grunts! They are earthy purrs.

Gracie grunts. It’s a bowel movement grunt but there is no poop. She does it when you pick her up or when she eats. Other times too. It’s a “Gracie” version of purring. She does the traditional purr too.

I just love sunshine!

Morgan loves the sun spots. She’s a large and lanky cat and will do what she needs to try to get all of herself in the sun spot. (It’s like an overly large cat trying to fit in a small box.) The best was when I was raising plants under a heat lamp for my garden. She moved them to the side and took a nap under it.

You need to get a new watch!

Mollie loves watches. Whenever she can, she will rub her face on my watch. Any watch. Perhaps she’s trying to mark it with her scent but it’s crazy to watch (no pun intended).

What was that noise? Flip top lid on cat food? Snap on lid for dry food? What? A soda? Phoo!

Hazel has the food obsession. She can be elsewhere in the house, even on a different floor but she hears a cat food can pop or a lid open. She can even hear the soft opening of the dry food container. I secretly suspect she had cameras installed to watch all the food spots.

45 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The weird

  1. My g’daughter’s cat, which lives with us, is a ragdoll, Siamese, who knows what mix and grunt a lot, too. She also does this howl/ screech type thing if you pet her and she doesn’t want to be. It’s hard to know (except for the noise) when she doesn’t want to be pet because she’s always in your face, nudging your hand, nipping your ankle, etc. trying to get you to pet her. She’s also very weird and more like a dog than a cat. But, we all love her and would be horribly lost without her in our lives!

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  2. My dog, Max grunts when he first lays down. In fact, he just did it behind me as I’m typing this. I don’t think his is a purr though. LOL Cute pictures of them. Love the upside down one in the window.

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  3. Does Mollie like digital watches? Old fashioned wind ups? What about the Apple watch? I feel like there’s got to be some way to explain this watch fixation.

    All the other quirks seem normal to me. Of course, I have a cat who snores.

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    • I have 3 cats who snore. Morgan is the only one who doesn’t. Hazel can raise the roof with her snores. Any watch will do. Perhaps a bracelet would work too. She seems to scratch the sides of her mouth (where her glands are) on the hard metal parts. I didn’t say it made any sense to me.

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  4. I’ve never had a cat sleep like my Emma Peel does. She sleeps with her fanny up and her head rolled upside down whether she’s snuggled in my arms (now) or settled on the back of the sofa. Gosh, if I went to sleep with my head rolled upside down, I’d wake up with a sinus headache! How does Emma DO that?!

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