Sassy cats – Cat talk, Jake edition

Cats have a language all their own. There are surprises along the way like when I heard but didn’t recognize Morgan’s hunting cries last week. I can interpret most of them.

Jake as a young cat

Jake – my old, now deceased, cat was the most vocal and interesting. He was from the ‘hood…or maybe Jersey or New York. (He sounded like something out of the Rocky franchise or maybe Good Fellas.)

He had a few good lines. For one thing he called me “Cupcake.” I have no idea why. Maybe because I was reading the Stephanie Plum detective series when he was younger. (He read occasionally or maybe he was just putting his scent or hacking a hairball on my books.)

Here are some of his gems:

Yo Cupcake, grab me a tuna juice from the fridge. Can’t move. The chipmunks running Olympic trials out there. Maybe they need a judge. I could use a snack.

(This one to Morgan) Hey Toots, get your nose outta my business. You know I can spray, doncha?

(To Mollie, the first new cat after he was here. She tried to teach him about the birds and bees before we got her spayed. Fortunately he already had his business snipped and wasn’t interested. This was overheard shortly after Morgan joined the crew.) Hey Molls, waddya think of the new kid? Kinda pain in the ass, doncha think?

(To anyone in general) Cool dude has arrived! I can take your presents now. Bring ‘em on.

(To the staff) What? Service on strike around here? I haven’t eaten in over an hour. I’m diabetic. I need my food. Pronto!

(To anyone with a camera) Damn paparazzi! Are you from Cat Fancy? Be sure to get my name right. I am not Morris! Morris is a red cat. I’m a black panther cat. Send the check to my agent. Include Friskie samples and no damn diet stuff either.

Jake with one of his favorite peeps

(To anyone sitting) Hey yo! You’re in my chair. (Didn’t matter which chair. Whichever one you were in was the one he wanted.)

Aw Jake, may he rest in peace. There aren’t many cats like him.

Jake guarding his catnip plant. This shot was taken a few months before he passed. He was already an old cat but still feisty. Just ask Morgan, who was the new catkid then.


61 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Cat talk, Jake edition

  1. How wonderful that Jake talked to you! And with such authority. Jack complains sometimes and loudly. Teddy talks quietly in the morning when I am still in bed. That’s his sweet loving time. Dolly rarely said anything but she made it known she was the Diva. Henry and I talked every night before lights out. He was the only cat I ever heard laugh, it was wonderful.

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  2. The chatty ones cross the communication barriers- if they can just get staff trained.
    Each does have their own voice and vocabulary. RC seconds the “cool has arrived” and “you’er in my chair” or the variation “What? Yes I am in the chair. Get your own.”
    What a gorgeous cat Jake was – and lovely memories, too

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  3. Cute one, Kate. You are good with cat-speak. Both of our cats have been non-speakers, unless they yell at us for leaving them outside too long or not filling the food dish fast enough. They are never long conversations.

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  4. Jake reminds me of a neighbor’s cat who used to hang around our house. This was many, many years ago. He was a sleek black cat named Butch. Yes, Butch. That’s what the neighbors had on his collar. My husband called him “Cool-hand Butch” because he never seemed to get ruffled about anything. Although he wasn’t our cat, he became attached to my husband and would follow him around whenever he was outside doing yard work. He wasn’t with us long but, 20 years later, we still miss him.

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  5. I LOVE that first photo. He was a beauty … or perhaps in sensitivity to his gender, I should call him a handsome dude 🙂

    My Theo is also a very large chatty cat with a wide vocabulary. Every once in a while he surprises me with new ones – mostly along the line of ‘can’t you see I’m dying here. Food! I need it now!’

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  6. One your finest blogs! I loved reading this. Jake had it right…he saw the world as it was for him. As I write this, Harry is wailing away. He wants his food and now is doing everything in his power to get my attention. I don’t think he is calling me cupcake….

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