Visiting with Jill Weatherholt today

A blogging friend of mine, Jill Weatherholt, is doing a “summer series” introducing bloggers to other bloggers. I am featured today with a series of interview questions. You can visit here.

Grab a drink and join us. I’d love to know what events made you who you are or if you are a good roommate. (Spoiler alert: I am NOT!)

28 thoughts on “Visiting with Jill Weatherholt today

  1. Totally agree on the roommate thing. I had a couple of them when I was first out on my own and it was ok but I am happier with just me and the cats. Also, agree with the kindness thing. When did people get so mean and ugly? And why?

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  2. Well, here’s the real story. Kate is not really a cupcake…she is more like a Boston Cream Donut. So tempting on the outside and a real softy on the inside. Her cats have already figured that out. She has a heart of gold. I am so glad she is my friend.

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