Sassy cats — How fast they grow!

Morgan 2013 in the laundry room sink

Morgan joined the household in 2013. I was told she was about a year old but was more like six months. She was wherever she shouldn’t be and fearless. She doesn’t know she only has one eye and it has never affected her ability to get into trouble. It has, on occasion, gotten her out of trouble.

Morgan in 2013

She ran all day but when she was tired she fell over and slept a deep sleep. So lucky!

She sleptย in any position. For hours! She liked to snuggle with some stuffed animals scattered around the house.

Here she is today. At aย vet check earlier this week she weighed 12-1/2 pounds, up from the 7 pounds she weighed when she got here. She takes more naps than she used to but she’s still a very active cat. She will be five sometime this summer. How fast it goes.


43 thoughts on “Sassy cats — How fast they grow!

  1. Morgan is one happy cat!!! What a sweet heart. I wonder how they thought she was a year when she was just a baby! Perry was calculated to be two years old, but I knew that was way too old for him. And he is still a bit of a baby: he likes to rip up paper :).

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    • I have 4 cats and each is very different. None are like Morgan. She’s happy, healthy, friendly and sweet. She’s not a lap cat but she will come sit on the computer (or as close to it as she can) when I’m working.

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    • I have 30 pictures of her sleeping in various positions. It’s when she’s the most still so picture taking is easier. She is a happy cat but I think it’s her nature. She would be happy just about anywhere.

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    • We adopted Gracie, our other one-eyed gray cat because of Morgan and she’s totally different. She has visual judgement issues but she’s made of rubber so she bounces off walls and goes on her way. In contrast, Morgan can leap up to the mantle (5′) without missing a step.

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