Sassy cats — Peaceful pictures

After all the ta-do about Gracie, here are some very peaceful shots of her. She’s a very active cat, rarely napping but when she does, she is out.

Here she is sleeping on my legs. Yes, that’s me to the right.

Gracie sleeping on the top of a chair

Gracie fast asleep again.

Gracie is doing well. We have gone from eating every half hour to three times a day and are working down to twice a day. She’s eating poultry cat food, sometimes without any real chicken on top. Slowly we are getting there. That suits the other cats just fine. They are getting annoyed about the lack of attention.

49 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Peaceful pictures

    • If I try to take a daytime nap, I’ll wake up with three cats piled on the bed with me. They can do it anytime, anywhere. Gracie is still at that stage where the fatigue catches up quickly and she just falls over sleeping.

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    • She came from a hoarding situation which may explain all her health issues but she was very socialized. I have to be careful because she is always between my feet or following. She gets along very well with the other cats too.

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    • No. Once she started eating wet food (and I gave her enough) she stopped. We don’t keep food waste in the can unless I am cooking. Had some beef fat I trimmed off of a roast last week and she didn’t bother. A month ago, that would have been caviar for her.

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    • She eats so much more than the other cats (except Hazel — no one eats more than Hazel). I worry about weight but so far she’s only gained a few ounces. She gets very vocal when there isn’t enough.


      • Maybe not an issue…I don’t know her of course (and not a vet!!) But with my own cats excessive eating and weight loss or not gaining weight has often led to medical questions.

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        • It’s been a roller coaster with her. Only dry, none at all, then only wet, wet by the crates. If she’s like this another week or shows other symptoms she’ll have another trip to the vet. Today has been a more normal day. No lunch (although I’m sure she will want an early supper) and she didn’t eat a whole FF can this morning. Yesterday she howled for food. Loudly. She weighs 7 lbs. but is small so looks normally thin.


      • Dove is used for the bird of peace, but that was about all, that the people agreed about … dove and pigeons are synonyms with only a very slight difference:
        pigeon: any one of a group of birds with a plump body, short tail and short legs…There are numerous species, making up a family of birds. The smaller kinds are usually called doves.

        dove: a bird with a thick body, short legs, and a beak enlarged at the tip. It is a small kind of pigeon that is not domesticated.


    • She was not happy that I was out by the pond most of the day and let me know. As for food, not I’m worried she’ll blow up like a Thanksgiving day balloon in the Macy’s parade! She’s eating 3 cans a day. Small cans but still.


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