Random 5 for April 30 – Dreams, drivers, Mom, loss, ducks

Dreams! – Not the “wish” type but the one that happens when you sleep. This has been a very active week in my head (only while I’m sleeping). Usually it’s a mix of people I knew decades ago set in bizarre settings doing bizarre things (some not appropriate for a PG blog). One night I saw a TV medical show about a woman with severe round worms. Damn, didn’t I dream of worms that night? Now I’m checking my stool. The power of dreams.

“What are they thinking” – Ever say that? Especially when you are driving. I followed a pokey driver who was going well below the speed limit. I make up stories as to why they do this. He looked like an older man (you know, little bump over the seat where a real head should be). Maybe he was dotty (technical term that applies anyone but me). Maybe something was wrong with the car and he was on his way to get it fixed. I can come up with a thousand stories to amuse me until I can pass them.

I’m getting like my Mom – That’s not a bad thing but in this case, perhaps. My mother complained (a lot) about escalating prices especially on her meager fixed income. Bread went up to 31 cents from 29 cents (back in the ‘60s) and I thought she’d have a heart attack. This past week I bought pond supplies for the season. Products went up 20 to 25%! That’s ridiculous! I like to patronize local stores but I don’t want to send their kids to Ivy League colleges! Mom, I understand.

Blogging friends – This week a long-time blogging buddy lost her dog. We were all prepared (assuming that is even possible) as she had been posting about his illness. It didn’t matter. When I saw the email notice, it’s the first thing I opened and I cried. I never met the dog or the owner but they touched my heart. RIP Rumpy.

Never say never – Or even “not lately.” One California blogger posted this week about a problem she has with mallard ducks trying to move into her pool. Many years ago a mallard couple tried to “rent” my pond for the summer season. Fortunately they didn’t like all the human activity and left quickly. I haven’t seen any since…until my friend posted. Last night there was couple taking a moonlight swim in my tiny pond. Oy vay!

So how was your week?

55 thoughts on “Random 5 for April 30 – Dreams, drivers, Mom, loss, ducks

  1. You think some mallard ducks got tired of being chased in Califoria and are visiting your pond?
    I know what you mean about dreams. Sometimes my dreams include people I haven’t seen it thought about in years or situations that I find pretty bizarre. I wonder how that happens.
    My condolences to your friend who lost her dog. That’s the toughest part of having them..much shorter than we want it to be.

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  2. We have geese fly over twice a day moving between two ponds. I’d love a little visit to ours, but it’s not likely!! We get a lot of our pond supplies through Amazon. I have trouble finding them otherwise and when I do they are so much more expensive. I have a little guilt over my online purchasing, but I’m not having any troubling dreams so I guess I’m good at rationalizing! 😀

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    • I usually buy on-line for most. This time I misjudged a few and needed them NOW. That won’t happen again. We have three excellent garden places locally that handle pond supplies. The best is 45 minutes. The other two much closer but there are never sales or specials. Everything is at manufacturer’s recommended price which you don’t see on much stuff today.


  3. “What are they thinking” is a polite way of saying what I’m actually thinking when behind certain drivers. Had to drive up to Los Angeles yesterday to take our foster cat to get adopted. 1 hour and 40 minutes of horrible drivers! And by that, I mean slow.

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  4. So sad about Rumpy… I followed Rumpy a long time. I didn’t comment a lot but I read. I am going to miss Rumpy’s smile and I know Rumpy is going to be missed by his cat buddies and I know Jen’s heart is breaking.
    I buy Oroweat 100% whole wheat bread. I bought a loaf last week… it was 4.50! I let go with a rant… poor CH he had to listen to it. I also buy their Health Nut.
    I am my Mom.
    I hope the ducks don’t stay at your 5 star resort… duck poop is a mess.

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  5. I understand how Rumpy’s family is feeling This week we lost our elderly Gent. We get so attached to our animal family members. They leave a huge hole in our lives once they’re gone.
    After reading your blog tonight, I spent a lot of time pondering the question: Am I becoming my Mom, but I think I would have to say no. Mom and I are two vastly different people. She’s backward, feminine, and a true lady. I’m outspoken, stubborn, and not beyond tearing out a toilet if it isn’t flushing right. Jeepers! I think I’m becoming my dad!

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    • 🙂 My mom and I were very different which is why it comes as such a surprise when I mimic her behavior. I lost my beloved cat Jake 1-1/2 years ago and still miss. I occasionally think I see him in his favorite spots. He was also bigger than life. My condolences to you.The first couple of months are the hardest.


  6. So sad to lose a four-legged companion. I’m always surprised at prices too. It’s hard to imagine how high and fast they will go up. Fortunately, my desires have gotten a lot simpler. We don’t eat out much and I don’t buy nearly as many clothes as I used to. And, I guess it’s good that I don’t have a pond.

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    • The pond is my recreation or at least that’s how I justify it! The weird part is that I keep seeing reports that the inflation rate is not going up. They need to come to my house. The good news about retirement is that you really do downsize in many ways. I still buy some clothes but it’s a lot less expensive than the work clothes I wore. We eat a lot less. That just happened. It wasn’t a conscious effort. I stopped stocking cabinets with stuff that’s out of date before we use it. I stick to the basics. I also throw out recipes with bizarre spices that I will never use again.

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  7. We live in a retirement community. We are probably the youngest, which isn’t really my point but perhaps worth mentioning anyway. Today I was making a left to come into our development, and an older man — a MUCH older man — in a car behind me started blaring his horn because I hadn’t made the turn fast enough for him. Of course, I really didn’t want to crash into the one of the on-coming cars coming in the other direction. But perhaps that’s a nit-pik on my part. Anyway, the thought did occur to me at the time if the man behind me had considered me as old, or older, than him. I’ll never know. For the record, I didn’t react to his horn blares. I guess we all kind of “psych” other drivers now and then – Marty

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  8. Crazy dreams are FUN . . . as long as they are not nightmares ~> I don’t care to be scared silly when I sleep.

    Is it a problem having ducks in the pond? Or are they decent tenants? I love listening to ducks “laughing.” They quack me up!

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    • Not from my perspective but they do poop all over the patio. They may also eat small fish. My pond is really too small for them and they wouldn’t like the human activity going on all the time. I wouldn’t want them to lay eggs and then leave them. They are not good for swimming pools.


  9. Last night I dreamed I was a maid in Trump’s White House. Horrible.

    I know what you mean about mourning dogs you haven’t even met. I sniffle every single time.

    Hey, do you have fish in your pond? How do they survive the winter?

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  10. I rarely dream. Wonder why that is. Is something wrong with me that I don’t dream? Interesting how we can get caught up in the lives of others we’ve never met. I’ve had a lot of “What are they thinking” moments while driving. Great post again, Kate!

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  11. I’ve learnt that what I eat or drink before bed effects my dreams. Herbal tea is a guarantee for crazy dreams. Sorry to hear about your friends pet. I think as we age we all gain some of our parents attitude when it comes to changing times. Four words explain my week, stress, computers, scrams, and lastly, hackers 😦

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  12. RIP Rumpy. A friend of mine lost her dog last week…so sad.
    Do you all have Aldi in your area? They’re owned by the same company who own Trader Joes. Their prices are amazingly low and the products are high quality…especially their produce.

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  13. My sympathies to your blogger friend and the loss of their beloved pet. Heartache is hard!
    I hear you about prices! It is crazy!
    I dream all the time, from the bizarre to ones with deep meanings. My mind may be more active at night then during.the day. LOL!

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  14. I am saddened when I hear of the passing of a pet. Prices? No idea where that will ever slow down. It seems we work hard to pay high prices to send their kids to Ivy league, just so the kids can destroy property. It’s a vicious circle.

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  15. I agree with you the prices are horrible… we bought wallpaper yesterday… I thought there is the house included as I saw the prices…
    yes… Rumpy… I followed Rumpy&jen for so much years…. sigh… good bye dear cookiesaurus…

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