Sassy cats — Cats and venetian blinds.

I love venetian blinds. We have them throughout the house. The let light in or not depending on how they are slanted or positioned.

Morgan loves them too. She can see out even if they are partly closed so the sun isn’t blazing in. Here she is sitting on the toilet tank checking her yard.morgan-toilettank217Unfortunately, something outside is just not right. Some squirrel needed a “talk to.” This is how my blinds get all wonky!morgan-toilettank17

45 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Cats and venetian blinds.

  1. You know our house on the block – it’s the one with certain window blinds perpetually up about a foot to accommodate cat and dog demands. We have the wide wood slats here which are better than the aluminum thin ones – although Molly has chewed the wood bead/tassel at the end of each blind string…she did that her first week here. We have no idea why every single blind string in the house: search and destroy. Not sure if she though it opened the window or was trying to open the blinds more to her liking. She and the cat alternate sitting with nose in the open window (3 inches up) by the front porch. All the good smells there, I guess.

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    • Oh yes! All our blinds are up a foot too with nose prints on the windows. Not sure why they have to “touch” the window. We are missing a few of the tassels. Morgan thought it was a toy just for her. They need to make them more durable! I love the look of plantation shutters but you can’t push them up so I was vetoed.


  2. Cats and kids and blinds! I can remember being so annoyed when we had them throughout the house and I’d go in the kids’ rooms and find them twisted and bent from some game they’d been playing! You did forget to mention how handy they can be for spying on a neighbor or some outdoor activity–or maybe that was just me!

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  3. I once had a big ol’ tom who felt that merely disarranging the blinds provided insufficient access. He managed to fold back the edges of one set of blinds so much that the slats finally snapped off, from the edges to the hanging cord, providing him a much-desired “window to the window.”

    Unfortunately, the apartment manager, during final inspection before my move-in, did not seem to appreciate this accommodation quite as much as the cat who made it… #byebyerentersdeposit

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  4. That is a familiar sight from days gone by! I bet that toidie tank is cool in the summer… 🙂 I gave up on blinds and got pleated shades. But if we ever move I am going back to blinds… oh wait, if we move I can finally get another kitty… 🙂 Morgan gives me the giggles!

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  5. I’m a big fan of two layers of curtains. One sheer, to let in light but not prying eyes, and one very heavy, to block out all the lights (especially my annoying neighbor’s porch lights, which are set at rural searchlight wattage).

    The cats mostly leave them alone. Probably because they are busy tearing up the couch.

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    • She has destroyed 2 pair of blinds by bending the aluminum slats out of shape. We now have a blind with a lifetime warranty so we can get some new slats to replace. I never had as much trouble with curtains after the kitten stage. When their weight got too heavy, they preferred to work on the sofa.

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    • Ummm….cause she could? Cause she’s a cat? Morgan is different from my other cats although they all have their quirks. There isn’t a window that she doesn’t check out. I couldn’t figure out why the spray can was always on the floor (yep blamed the beloved husband). Then I noticed that she would go into this powder room. It’s a tiny room with nothing of interest but the window. Then I started to catch her peering out the window. She has destroyed two blinds so far (not in the bathroom but elsewhere). If she gets really excited the slats go flying and get all bent up.

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