Random 5 for March 5 – Concerts, gardens, heartburn, descriptions, Gracie

lipstick by makingabeautycallKiss of death – I’ve said it before. I’m the kiss of death for anything. If I like a restaurant, it will close. Same with stores. My favorite flavors are always discontinued to make way for an ice cream flavored with Swedish fish (Yuk!). It happened again. We had tickets for a concert and it was cancelled. Out of the last four concerts we had tickets for, two were cancelled. They were good entertainers! One was Cher and other Yanni. I’m tellin’ you…the kiss of death! (Do not invite me to your restaurant if you want to survive!)

It’s the farmer in me – I am starting tomato seeds. Most people would put the seeds in yogurt containers with dirt and water it. Not me. I have a heating pad to speed up germination and this week I bought a grow lamp. I have “special” dirt and a nice tray. Nothing but the best for my babies. It also keeps the cost of my tomatoes at $5 each.

Stuff you don’t want to know – Did you ever notice how you can live a happy life without knowing about something. Then something happens and you are all over Google. You know the in’s and out’s. All the gritty details. Except the positive solution. I’ve had issues with recurring acid reflux. My normal “go to” isn’t working. Now I know about all sorts of different medications (all with side effects of course) and no real direction. The doc’s office is always my last resort for things that don’t seem life threatening. If anyone wants to share, I’m all ears.

Robust? Seriously? — I was looking at a bottle of olive oil and I noticed it was described as robust. Does that mean it’s strong? Overbearing? I have no idea what that means.

The new cat – New cat Gracie is turning out to be one of those catkids that needs her toys front and center. No matter how many times I move them out-of-the-way, she always drags them to the middle of the family room. It’s a stage and she’ll grow out of it. Then I’ll miss all the fun and be sad.

So how was your week?

Gracie dragging her feather back to the family room.

Gracie dragging her feather back to the family room.


90 thoughts on “Random 5 for March 5 – Concerts, gardens, heartburn, descriptions, Gracie

  1. We could easily be sisters from a different mother! Around my house the expression is if it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all! But ever the optimist, I hope for some good luck soon and maybe a restaurant that stay in business long enough to enjoy it more than once.🍀

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  2. I’m sorry about your concert cancellations! Two in a short period of time really does confirm you’re living under some kind of curse, poor thing! I hope they were postponed and will be rescheduled. I hope you’ll take some photos of those prize-winning tomatoes later this summer!

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  3. Gracie just wants to entertain you? She is so pretty. Glad she’s settled in and ready to run the world – waving wands and all.
    I use olive oil for everything – makes the doc happy with my numbers and me off pills…forcing husband to do the same ( and his numbers are better). He also struggles with Acid reflux and takes meds ( and I worry because they deplete calcium…great…mess with one thing and there’a another mess). I’m sure you’re tried all the stuff he has as he’s an internet health info junkie
    Our favorite just around the corner Italian place is over. It was one of those that was comfortable and you could go in there exhausted and it was so peaceful – great food. But last week we walked in and it was changed. Difficult to put finger on it at first, but once the food arrive…not to mention the antics of the trying too hard waitress and owner rushing over to tables frequently acting nervous. We are so sad…but a new place opened down the street – maybe it’s gone there.

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    • I forgot how active younger cats are. She wants to play (with me) all the time. She even tires out Morgan, our eternal childcat. We have a local Italian restaurant just down the street. We would go there often with our neighbors. It was BYOB so it was cheap too. The management knew us so we got good service. Something happened (don’t know what) and our neighbors no longer like going there. I sure miss it. We go alone sometimes but it’s not as much fun. I like change but some things you shouldn’t fool with!


  4. I think the new Gracie is making offerings to her kind Mom. These are your presents, which you will get over and over like we do from the old Roxie. I had acid reflux for a while and finally gave up. I was put on a prescription for a Prilosec generic – Omeprazole 20MG once daily and have had no problem since. Hope that helps.

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  5. I planted my tomato last week too. I will eventually have it in a pot on a balcony, so I also bought the giant pot, the soil, the compost and vermiculite. I think this tomato is going to cost me more than buying tomatoes all summer, but…

    PS – I’m sure eventually Gracie will have you properly trained on the best places for her toys. Don’t worry. Sometimes the learning curve is steep. 🙂

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  6. Ha! Andy has a heating pad and special trays in his little green house also. You are not alone.

    I am the kiss of death to new TV shows. As soon as I decide I like them, they get canceled. Now I only watch after Season I is finished and a contract for Season II has been signed.

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    • I expect Big Bang to be cancelled any day now. I found it after several seasons. It’s one of those programs that I can laugh at no matter how many times I’ve seen it. Yay for Andy. We like to keep our little plants happy.

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  7. Cher is still singing…that’s pretty amazing.

    If you’re going to have apple cider vinegar, have it in water. It’s supposed to be great in general. Make sure it’s organic though..

    Tomato seeds…love the image of you as a farmer, just a chic one with cats in overalls and flannel shirts manning a tractor that Gracie will drag to the middle of the living room.

    We women are all alike…our things are our things…and that’s that…:)

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  8. Kate, your comment section is a party today! I know nothing about heartburn and I have never had it but my cardiologist put me on Prilosec to keep my heart meds from misbehaving after I got my cardiac stent. I hope you find something that helps… CH has heartburn. Gracie is a sweetie! Sorry you missed the concert!

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  9. I’m certainly a kiss of death for TV shows. I usually come around to popular shows after they’re already established– Downton Abbey, Doc Martin, and Big Bang Theory are three good examples. Those shows were safe because I was late to the party. But any brand new show that I happen to watch from its first episode, and I actually like, is bound to be toast. Last year I loved “Limitless” and it was cancelled. I can’t even remember any beyond that one, but I know there are plenty.

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  10. I felt like hugging Gracie! Kana pulls her furry “tail” on a pole out of her room every night and brings it “front and center.”
    The gardener and I have “closed” more restaurants in our time than can be counted. So sad.

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  11. Neither Schooner nor Choppy seems to be out of the stage where they leave toys everywhere and in the middle of everything. I’m pretty sure we’re never growing out of that stage with Choppy (of course, being a dog, it might just go with the territory). The jury is still out on Schooner.

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  12. Oh my husband and I love Yanni! Sorry you missed both concerts! I did have to laugh at how you described yourself though. Kiss of death! I thought I caused bad things to happen, but I haven’t had restaurants close on me yet . 😉
    LOL at your new cat and her dragging the toys. Sounds like a toddler and Yes , the time will come when you miss the toys and fur!

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  13. Too bad you missed Cher. We saw her a few years ago. She puts on quite a show. If you truly are the kiss of death I could think of someone you should have voted for 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  14. I can always count on having a chuckle and learning new stuff from your posts, Kate. Now I know way more about olive oil than I ever thought possible. 😀

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      • EVOO usually has MORE olive taste, not less:

        Extra-virgin olive oil is an unrefined oil and the highest-quality olive oil you can buy. There are very specific standards oil has to meet to receive the label “extra-virgin.” Because of the way extra-virgin olive oil is made, it retains more true olive taste, and has a lower level of oleic acid than other olive oil varieties. It also contains more of the natural vitamins and minerals found in olives.

        Extra-virgin olive oil is considered an unrefined oil since it’s not treated with chemicals or altered by temperature. What sets it apart is the low level of oleic acid and the absence of sensory flaws. It contains no more than 1% oleic acid and typically has a golden-green color, with a distinct flavor and a light peppery finish.

        While you can cook with extra-virgin olive oil, it does have a lower smoke point than many other oils, which means it burns at a lower temperature. Save the pricey good quality stuff for dipping bread, dressing, dips, cold dishes, and use the less expensive stuff for cooking and baking.


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  15. My very favoritest martini bar (I was a regular for many years, until it shut down. But that’s a different story) rotated their selection of truly foofy martinis [think ‘candy appletini’ only more out there] on a seasonal basis. For a while, they did this completely amazeballs drink that not only had the liquors poured so they stayed in striped layers, but this drink came with three tiny swedish fish in the bottom of the drink glass!

    So, while I have no experience with swedish fish in ice cream — and thus no opinion one way or another on the matter — please trust my judgment on this point: one has not truly tasted the pinnacle of what swedish fishness can be, until one has eaten fishies left soaking in the bottom of a foofy martini glass…

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  16. I’m your twin for #1… since I can vote the party who got my vote was always the epic loser of the election. and always when I ride in a bus with my mother it is the wrong one… if she is alone this never happens to her LOL

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