Sassy cats — Preparing for the winter

Cats need to have their sleeping quarters reserved for the long winter. There are many choices but here is their favorite, the cat tower.hazel-morgancattree2016Remember this was their summer sleeping spot in the screened porch.hazel-morgan-acrosslovesea-1-t2016Getting your siesta is important. They hope your spot is comfy.

30 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Preparing for the winter

  1. I guess all creatures have our favorite spots. I know I sure do, too! I love the their winter condo! Whenever I see a nice tall cat tower I think about how kids would love something similar!

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  2. Cat trees are awesome BUT I would always love the porch for a choice to be. Of course, there is that season called winter. We are able to enjoy our porch in the winter because it is a four seasons porch and if we didn’t have that porch I think CH and I would lose our sanity! It is like late August in Missouri, I am missing out on those chilly fall days… 😦 We had AC on yesterday, 86 degrees. More of the same for the next week…. ick.

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    • Wow! It’s 39 degrees as I speak. Two houses ago I had a porch that we could glass in for a 3 season room. It was wonderful and we used it until after Christmas and started up as soon as it warmed a little, usually March. We have a wonderful family room so we didn’t here. If I were to build again (very unlikely), I would put a fireplace in a screened porch with stacked sliding doors to turn it into longer season. The cats still go out there but not as long.

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    • I had a sheepskin heating pad for one of my old cats. Current group will fight for the spot in front of the fireplace. I bet you still have nice weather. It was chilly for trick or treat night but they were out in full force.


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