Sassy cats — It’s all about Morgan

Most of my cats have a preferred sleeping position and even a preferred spot. Not so with Morgan. There is chair sleeping — deep and long.


Sleeping on the computer desk when blogging gets to be too much work. Notice nose in fleece pad.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sometimes it’s best on your back with a pillow.morgan-sleepingfeetup2016
Snoozing on the mantel (where she isn’t allowed! oops!)morgan-sleepingmantle2016
Here she is sleeping with Mollie’s bunny (don’t tell Mollie).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
No cat plays harder than Morgan and no cat sleeps more soundly and safely. She doesn’t worry about predators attacking (except for the occasional human snuggle). What a great life.

May you sleep soundly and without fear.









36 thoughts on “Sassy cats — It’s all about Morgan

  1. If only Morgan could share the secret of such total release! I think of all my friends who have trouble getting a night’s rest. Some of those poses are simply hilarious, but with that much personality even in sleep, I can see why you love this cat! Too cute!

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  2. Obviously a well loved cat! My cats sleep all over as well. Blackie likes to sleep for a few weeks in a favorite place and then switches to a new favorite place. The other two sleep where ever they feel like! Human beds, couches, cat trees, floor, my lap….

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    • All the cats are cherished here. Each one is so different. Mollie and Hazel rotate between maybe two favorite spots but Morgan can find a favorite spot anywhere. None of my cats are lap cats. Sometimes they will climb on but none stay longer than 2 or 3 minutes. I must be too bony.


    • Morgan has always been an amazing cat. She was picked up by the shelter as a stray with a bad eye infection. They ended up taking her eye out. You would think that she would be skittish but she’s the most people-oriented cat we have. There isn’t a fear in her body. Love that about her. Wish I was like that.


      • Oh yes. Mom tells us anipals that when we are sleeping we are Switzerland. No fighting or waking the other EVAH. Now does that happen? Snorts – surely not with the wild child Hemi here. Mom fusses at him though when she catches him trying to wake our beauty sleep. XOXO – Bacon

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