Sassy cats — Dog days for cats?

During the dog days of summer, cats like to sleep all stretched out. People have to find alternative seating arrangements.

Hazel and Morgan spread out across the porch loveseat

Hazel and Morgan spread out across the porch loveseat

And 30 feet away the birds are chowing down!

An afternoon at my bird feeder

A rainy afternoon at my bird feeder (taken through screening)

While inside there lies another sleeping cat.

Wake me at dinner time!

Wake me at dinner time!

Not too much going on here. It’s been too hot even for cats. If you are a pet person (especially dogs) and want to truly laugh out loud, visit Autumn Ashbough and her ghetto elk story! Click here

28 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Dog days for cats?

    • Yes! I have two other feeders, one with thistle for finches on the other side of the pond with an equal number of birds. I am an overachiever when it comes to wildlife. I even have a mouse family with babies nestled in Hazel’s combed out fur in a protected corner of the yard. I love mouse babies. They are so tiny.

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    • Something is happening with Morgan….I think it’s age. She never napped much for a cat. Yesterday she slept at least 18 hours and she’s already asleep now. She normally stalks bugs all day. Wonder if I’ll need an exterminator since she’s sleeping on the job.


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