Random 5 for August 21 – Nest building, house projects, festivals

Sharing the wealth – My cat Hazel has an undercoat that rivals a Siberian Husky. I comb her often during the summer and end up with a quart of fur. I toss it outside on the pavement so another critter can use it for nest-building. I came across a mouse nest that was swaddled in Hazel’s fur. It was an “ahhh” moment.

House projects – Hopefully they are almost over. For this last one I prepped the day before so I wouldn’t waste precious energy running around looking for stuff or making trips to the home store. Ha! I had at least 10 trips to the basement before I could start it. Sometimes I went down for one thing then thought of something else (not necessarily related to the project), picked that up and forgot about what I originally went down for. I don’t remember being so forgetful when I was young!

Festivals – It’s festival season locally. We have had several. There is one going on this weekend with our big local fair starting next week. After that the summer is officially over or so it usually seems. With the hot weather this year, that may not be true.

That’s it for this week. It’s been slow. Tell me how your week was.

My pond in all its glory!

My pond in all its glory!

48 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 21 – Nest building, house projects, festivals

  1. Guess that destroys the old concept of “If you scatter cat or dog hair around the perimeter of the yard, mice will go elsewhere.”
    Not wanting to be wasteful, we brushed out dog hair down to a meadow/wetlands area in case any critter wants it…the cat hair we just wear ourselves.

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  2. I’m so amused that you thought to share Hazel’s fur! I don’t think I ever would have thought of it! You have me thinking now about the huge amount of white fur that collects in our vacuum cleaner. Zena sheds such fine white fur that we ended up purchasing a very expensive Dyson vacuum cleaner. Now I’m thinking about the waste when it all ends up in the bin! 🙂 And your pond is absolutely gorgeous, Kate. I hope you get a few more weeks of enjoying it before the weather completely shifts!

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  3. I also have a hairy cat and have been fighting cat hair all summer. I will be glad when winter gets here and the shedding slows down. I don’t give mine to the mice, though. They are bad enough without any encouragement. 🙂

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  4. Is it just me, or are we missing two more of your randoms? Is this actually a test to see which of your alert readers noticed? If so, what do I win????! Or did you announce in an earlier post that some Random Fives would occasionally be less than five? A part of me is inclined to report you to the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising. But then I thankfully remembered that you’re not actually selling anything here. Darn.

    Hazel is seriously missing out on some income here…

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  5. That Hazel. Old age ain’t for sissies like Bette Davis said. She must be so hot in her summer fur as chic as it is.

    August is wrapping up. Hard to believe. I think that’s the real reason you’re winding down. You know fall is upon us.

    Just a hunch.

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  6. How many can say they live in a “fur house”? That is just amazing and takes recycling to a whole new level.
    As for projects…….you have no idea….I can’t. Yesterday, the yard was cleaned-up of trash and tools and it still looks like constructions site. Squirrels are wearing hard hats at this point.

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    • At first I threw it under bushes but it would get matted down and go un noticed. Now I toss it on the pavement and it’s gone over night. I thought birds would use it (and I wouldn’t see it in use) but a mouse picked up this batch.

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    • Yes! I thought the birds would use it but it’s late for nest building. I was curious about it all as the baby mice would associate that cat smell with good stuff instead of big teeth but nature has its ways.


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