Sassy cats – Good pet smells

Here is Mollie belly up!

Here is Mollie sleeping belly up! (Ok, she’s not shy about her lady parts!)

Everything smells. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

That message hit home when I recently took a class with a smelly guy. Yuk.

Cats are the same way. Some cats smell so good I enjoy putting my face in their fur to inhale. (No, not the belly because that’s the part that’s next to the litter in the box.)

My old cat Jake was that way. He smelled like fresh spring air. Morgan is like that too. It’s a clean smell.

"Hey Cupcake! Did Hazel fart again?"

Jake: “Hey Cupcake! Did Hazel fart again?”

Hazel, on the other hand, has a perspiration smell to her. It’s a soft smell and not annoying but I don’t put my face in her fur. It’s not quite like a men’s gym locker but I can smell it. (I have a great functional nose. I can smell things no one else can and that’s not always good.)

Hazel is also a gassy cat. That doesn’t help. No one – human or feline — wants to be downwind.

I don’t know what the difference is. Maybe some cats are born like that or some are more meticulous about hygiene.

For me sweet cat smell ranks right next to puppy breathe – that soft smell of sweet mother’s milk.

"I have puppy breathe!"

“I have puppy breath!”



53 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Good pet smells

  1. Such a cute picture of Mollie! One of our cats loves that belly-up posture, too, awake or asleep. At least only one in three of your cats is gassy ~ it could be worse. Poor Hazel!

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  2. My sense of smell is the only of the five that really works super well. Wish it could be seeing or hearing! Until her recent dental work my Chrissy had really, really horrible breath. And she was clearly weaned too soon because nearly every day she climbs up on me and sucks on my neck like she’s nursing. So she used to leave me smelling bad too! That’s my favorite thing now that we got rid of those bad teeth.

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  3. Duncan smells quite sweet (well, except when he has eaten something he shouldn’t have). It’s a smell that makes me think of my childhood, because I was always cuddling one dog or another!

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  4. My dog could knock people over with his, um, emissions, but I never noticed them coming from my cat. I think having a heightened sense of smell is a good thing. Unfortunately, you have to smell the bad stuff, but often certain smells can alert you to trouble (gas, mold, etc.).

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    • Dogs can get doggy smelling in a bad way. I worked at a place where the owner brought her German shepherd dog every day. He was old and got smelly. I always knew when it was groomer day. My cats occasionally smell like tuna. Despite the fact that I feed it to them I swear that they tuck it behind their ears and on their pulse points.


  5. Sometimes my keen sense of smell is a good thing and other times, not so much. Love the comforting smell of my corgi. My lab mix, not so much, but she has a sweet temperament so ignore the gas and blame it on her age of about 14 by now.

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  6. Kitties can smell delightful, IF you’re not allergic to their dander. I lived with them for years, allergies be damned, but putting my face in their fur was not a good idea. Even if I wanted to.

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