Sassy cats — Upstairs, downstairs

Cats love levels. The more the better. In our house one cat is always higher. Doesn’t matter which cat. They mix it up but one is always higher.

Here is the cat tower with Hazel on top.

Here is the cat tower with Hazel on top and Morgan napping below.

Here Hazel is on the bottom. That is Morgan's head sticking out on top.

Here Hazel is on the bottom. That is Morgan’s head sticking out on top.


Jake in on the top and Mollie in on the bottom.

Jake in on the top of the lounge and Mollie is on the seat.

Morgan on top of the sofa and Hazel on the seat.

Morgan on top of the sofa and Hazel on the seat. All my furniture has a “dip” in the top cushion. I wonder what it’s from?

















None of these pictures are recent. Hazel wants you to know that the bottom right is from when she was tubby. She’s all slimmed down now. All were taken with my old camera. Everyone wishes you a great weekend!









44 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Upstairs, downstairs

  1. Oh, Goody!! I have two cats and I love kitties!! You have inspired me to consider a blog for my cats! Lord knows I talk about them so much on Facebook. They do tend to get a lot of responses too! I can’t wait to read more about your four!! Thanks!!!

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    • Today Hazel left a small turd on the hassock. Most likely hung on the fur after her morning doo. Even she was appalled. Had to clean it immediately. I’m thinking of getting her a purse. So much simpler.

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      • Spring cleaning of cats has a new meaning here until the long fur of the rear is clipped….and the process isn’t pretty. Purse is much simpler…although RC keeps mumbling that if the Europeans have bidets, there’s bound to be a fluff blow option available among the continental sophisticats…

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        • Surprisingly Hazel is the shorthair cat but she has too much undercoat. She could be Siberian. Yes, Mollie the long hair got clipped last week. It’s done with a scissors because she doesn’t like motors by her butt so blow-dries are out too. Used to have vet do it as a courtesy with visit but now there is a charge for that. She lets the vet do all sorts of things that are forbidden at home.

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  2. Our cats love their house because we have a loft so they can be upstairs and see everything going on below. Just like up in a tree. By the way, Kate, all my furniture cushions and pillows have a “feline dip” too!

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  3. My daughter has two cats. One likes the heights more than the other. I don’t think she’s giving in to him. She just seems to prefer the middle-heights.

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    • My cats all take turns on who gets the top billing. I don’t think it’s about control. If someone has a spot, another cat will not chase it but choose somewhere else. That is unless it’s Mollie’s spot on the king bed. She will push someone out of her spot but they can sleep at another spot on the bed.


  4. What great memories you brought back with his post, Kate. Years ago we had a feisty, adorable pair of cats–Solomon, a red Persian, and Calla Lily, a Siamese–and they ripped around and jumped on their “condo” levels of pads. This was great!

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  5. I bought one of these multi-level and cushy cat stands years ago and it was vehemently and unanimously rejected by all four. They all preferred scratching and sleeping and shedding on human furniture. What is your secret?

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    • I tried the short one — just one jump up but a hidey hole in the bottom. That one was universally rejected. We bought this with great trepidation. It was expensive. My husband put 2 2×4’s on the backside to make it very sturdy (they don’t like if it’s wobbly). We originally put it together so we could take it apart and return but it was a huge hit with some fighting issues until they settled down. Still…it runs in spurts. Haven’t seen anyone on it the last week. Next week they will all be on it.


    • Only Mollie will do that. She’s a very small cat (7 lbs.) and will wiggle enough that someone else falls off. Usually she does that on the king bed (don’t ask me how she manages to get someone off a bed that big but I’ve seen it happen).

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  6. This looks ver familiar! Sometimes one of my cats will squeeze themselves onto the top and try to take it back. Interesting kitty politics. All my furniture has dips too…

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  7. Ah, height! The better to survey the terrain. And pounce.

    I’ve heard that there are cats who are “tree cats” that love to be up high, and those that are “bush cats” that prefer to hide down low. I’ve had both. One jumps off the fridge and destroys your carefully arranged plate of Christmas cookies, the other attacks your ankle from under the slipcover and makes you drop the plate.

    Equally deadly. To the cookies.

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    • My current crop are all height pouncers. Not refrigerator height but they wouldn’t be dead sleeping on the floor. Too plebian. Even my chubster Hazel can jump on chairs. Morgan loves the bookshelves. She says I make funny faces when she’s up there, especially when an object is smashing on the floor. Fortunately no one likes people food especially cookies. They do like to trip me though.

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    • If you are looking at the picture of her back end out of the hidey hole, that cube is small with a side shelf (where her butt is resting). Morgan is tall and long and very lean. She towers over the other two but is thin. That cube is one of her favorites (next to the guest bed of course).

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  8. At one point we moved from a one-floor ranch home to a three-level traditional house, and our two cats went bonkers. Absolutely nuts running up and down the stairs, looking out the windows. It was hilarious. Had forgotten all about that. Thanks for reminding me.

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    • At one time I had a very small two bedroom ranch house at the beach. It had a pulldown stairs for the attic and one cat used to sit under the pulldown and cry to go up there (she was used to a 2-story). However the back yard was all sand and she loved that.

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