Sassy cats — the big clean out

Recently we did a “big clean out” in the attic and the basement. There were a lot of memories and stuff to be sorted. Everything was donated or tossed (ok, a few items were saved). The cats were fascinated. They didn’t know about the attic. We kept them out of there which made it more attractive. It’s like we have a secret place where we store tons of cat food (so they think). Whatever!


Here is a fuzzy Morgan inspecting one of my old paintings that went: “Seriously you are no Claude Monet!”

Morgan carefully inspecting trash: "Nope! No catnip here!"

Morgan carefully inspecting trash: “Nope! No catnip here!”

Morgan "re-furring" my briefcase: "Honestly I don't know why I can't go to work with you!"

Morgan “re-furring” my briefcase: “Honestly I don’t know why I can’t go to work with you!”

Just to make sure this isn’t a Morgan post here is a shot of Mollie playing lookout.

Mollie: The pizza guy isn't here yet. Hope you ordered one with tuna and sardines.

Mollie: The pizza guy isn’t here yet. Hope you ordered one with tuna and sardines.

53 thoughts on “Sassy cats — the big clean out

    • I was really affected when we visited my husband’s friend who had the major stroke. It’s unknown how much function he will have. Cleaning out a house if a move is required (they live in a town house on 3 floors) will fall completely to his wife. I don’t want that to happen here. Like them, my husband’s kids live cross country so they won’t be able to help. It can be overwhelming. I cleaned out my mother’s house after she died. A lot of stuff ended up at my house so we could sell the house and it took years to dispose or donate. The secret is a fear of something.


  1. Cats always need to investigate. And of course they always want to go where they’re not allowed. We don’t have an attic, but the off limits area to our cats is our garage. And what do ya know… They always want to go in there. I read somewhere that you’re supposed to have an area in the house that they’re not allowed to go to. But I don’t know why… so that tidbit is pretty useless. But there you go.


    • The attic has too much insulation and dirt laying around so I don’t want them in there. We also have a workshop in the basement where they aren’t allowed. Once in a while they will get in there. Lots of hidey places (like under the stairs). At least there they won’t get into serious trouble or dirt.

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    • In the 90s, I had a tiny beach house that had a pull down stairs to a very limited attic. When I took my cats, one would sit under that pull down and cry to go up there. She saw it once and that was enough to make her curious.


  2. Cats really are snoopy, aren’t they? They just want to be involved, whatever is going on. They’re so much fun! I like your painting, Kate. Ever think of picking up a brush again?


  3. When you said “big clean out” my heart jumped. I thought you meant your were cleaning your house of cats. LOL I did my attic a year ago and got rid of tons of stuff, seriously. Unfortunately, I can’t tell any of it is missing.

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    • The attic has a floor but there is too much insulation that I don’t want them to get on their fur. We are fortunate that we can block off the attic door by closing my closet door. Works pretty good but makes them very curious.

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    • Today I brought a bag of flowers and cat grass home. I put the bag on the kitchen island and turned around to find Morgan (no cat is allowed on the kitchen island) had already jumped up and had her head in the bag. She was munching away. Sigh!


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