Sassy cats – Odd cat out

Morgan: I've got my eye on you!

Morgan: “I’ve got an eye on you!”

Morgan is the youngest cat at 3-1/2 years old. She’s not normal. It’s not because she has only one eye. It’s because she’s a people cat.

I don’t have people-friendly cats. I can take a perfectly normal cat and within a year or two they avoid people. My take is that they like me better. Can’t say I blame them. I’m nicer than most people. Have you ever tasted my tuna martini? With a catnip twist?

There is a group psychology thing that goes on with cats. Just like birds, when a flock is eating my superb, high-quality sunflower seeds, one little junco will see a leaf move and fly off. In unison they all fly off including the large squawky jays.

My cats do not “fly off.” They gallop or trot, screeching to a halt or slamming into a wall. It’s not graceful.

A few years ago we couldn’t hear the front doorbell if we were in the screened porch. We got a hunkin’ loud doorbell. It sounds like Big Ben. You can hear it in London (across the pond). Scares the bejesus out of me. You can imagine how the cats react.

Mollie at top of stairs: "Are they gone yet?"

Mollie at top of stairs: “Are they gone yet?”

Mollie and Hazel both fly up the stairs and under the bed. You never know. It could be Big Foot. Or an axe murder targeting sweet cats. I never said they were guard cats.

Morgan is the odd cat out. Just like the birds, she will fly up the stairs when they do, sometimes leaping over them but she doesn’t do it because the doorbell rang.

She needs to know what Big Foot or an axe murderer looks like. On the top landing she turns around and peers.

Nobody peers like a one-eyed cat. There are glass side windows next to the front door. She will sail down the steps to further investigate. She stays a safe distance just in case a speedy exit is required (like if the intruder is a BIG Doberman) but if it’s just a human she will wait.

Eventually she will come out and say hi. She will give a wink, then settle back in her chair like nothing happened. In the meantime the other two are still hunkering.

Hazel still hunkering

Hazel still hunkering: “Seriously are they gone yet?”

32 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Odd cat out

  1. My cats scatter to the four winds when we have visitors. Survival instinct I guess. Some will come out for a pat after awhile, but my cat Boo (scaredy cat) never, ever comes out to strangers. She will survive if ever one day it is the dreaded Big Foot or worse. Love all the pics of your gorgeous cats Kate.

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  2. I have the feeling some people were stampeding to get away from me in my Big Boot Big Foot look. Can just imagine what your kitties would do if I came for a visit! 🙂 Funny post Kate….. and the cats all know you are surely nicer than most people.


    • Your boot would have another thing for them to smell. Morgan is an incredible smeller. It looks like her nose is touching the item but it’s a millimeter away. She can savor a good smell for 5 minutes. Maybe she’s a perv!


  3. Our two sister cats are very people-friendly. They were raised at our veterinarian’s clinic for the first three months of life ~ lots of people around and lots of attention. Our oldest cat hides under the bed when people come into the house. She was a stray so who knows what she had endured? Just like people, they’re products of their environment.

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    • The cats at my vet’s office are very friendly. They will go up to a cat in a carrier and smell them. My cats never seemed to mind that although they were probably too terrified to holler. Hazel was raised from 3 to 6 months in a large pen with 10 other older cats and little human interaction. I have trouble touching her. Once in a while she will let us pet her but it’s for 2 minutes and she’s gone.

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  4. “There is a group psychology thing that goes on with cats.” — My husband thinks that our two older cats trained our newest one to be afraid of people. When we first got her, she was fine – and for a while after that too. Nothing negative ever happened with a guest, so it’s odd that now she also flies up the stairs when there’s someone at the door! Cats!


      • We actually had a fire at our house once, and we were worried sick because we couldn’t find our cat. With the smoke alarm going off and the firemen in the house and all the commotion, we feared that maybe he shot out the door without us seeing him (even though we were frantically looking for him the whole time). It wasn’t until about two hours after everything settled down again, that he finally came out. He had somehow squeezed himself behind the refrigerator in the kitchen (in a place way too small to hide a fully grown cat). We were just so relieved he was okay and didn’t die from smoke inhalation, or get out and end up being lost forever. He was a lucky cat, and we were lucky he finally felt safe enough to come back out into the real world. His name was Vegas. Beautiful cat, with huge green eyes, a white face, and black eyeliner around his eyes. He was mostly gray tabby, but bright white in the face and on the paws. Lucky cat.

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        • When I lived in New Jersey, a co-worker’s house burned pretty much to the ground. No one was home except the cat. They were frantic. The local shelter told them to keep coming back to the burned out house and calling. She came out that night. Somehow she found a hidey hole or got outside but hung around waiting for them. Most cats do hang close although they can be totally freaked out and not come out when called. So glad your story had a happy ending.

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    • Jake hid. He was black so you couldn’t see him when he was hiding. I had a friend with a cat that wasn’t people friendly. They said no one could touch him except them or he would hiss and bite. Ha! I talked to him while he was lying on their bed and before you know it I was petting him and he was rubbing against me. They were astounded. I am the cat whisperer!

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  5. We had one anti-social cat and one curious/nosy cat. They each did their own thing when guests arrived, so much so that some people never saw the anti-social cat ever. They thought we were making her up, but she really did exist, usually under the bed.

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    • Hiro is the outdoor guy, isn’t he? When our old Jake was young he was terrified of people he didn’t know. As he got older he was less likely to react. I don’t know if he couldn’t run as fast or see as well. One time he spent a week under our bed coming out only at night to eat and pee. If he got outside, it was very difficult to get him back in.


      • Also – with Mollie, you got the stair in perfect focus, rather than the cat. One of the challenges with these cameras is making them focus on what YOU want to focus on, not what they choose! They can be quite adamant about their choices.


        • Yes. It’s true with Hazel too. The sofa was more in focus than her although neither were crisp. Cats are a challenge. I get one shot before they run off. For every 100 pictures I take I get maybe one. The shot of Morgan worked but it was a total accident. Can you guess I don’t have patience? I keep on shooting though.


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