Random 5 for June 21 – Father’s Day, Saturdays, vet trips, new furniture, day lilies

Happy father’s day! –The beloved husband said he wasn’t a practicing father anymore as all his children are grown and living far away. I asked if he was a recovering father and he laughed. Congrats to all you Dads out there.

Saturday mornings – I hate weekends. Monday is the best because it’s quiet. Everyone is back at work and the lawn guys aren’t around yet. Saturdays are the noisiest day of the week here. Lawn guys and contractors start around 7 a.m. with LOUD equipment. There is never any sleeping in.

V-E-T trip – Morgan’s annual checkup was this week and I was reminded how easy she is. She doesn’t hide and there are no shenanigans leading up to the visit. The carrier is out in clear sight. At the appointed time I pick her up and put her in and off we go. This trip she cried all the way there. That’s a first. Normally she just hunkers down for a new adventure. She got her shots (and didn’t get sick or feverish) and was off and running again. For the trip home she was all smiles and quiet in the back seat. No doubt she was happy that it was over and it ended with coming home.

Hazel on new furniture

Hazel on new furniture. Do you notice her fur blends with it? Maybe it won’t be so noticeable!

The furniture – For those of you who read my post about the new furniture (see here and here) I said that the cats had not sat on it after five days. The consensus was that Morgan would be the first. So wrong! It was Hazel who decided to take a nap. No one else has ventured on the soft cushions. It has to be the new smell. Nothing else keeps them off of furniture. Certainly not me telling them to get off.

Daylilies in yard

Day lilies in yard

Silly critters – I love day lilies and planted a lot of them when I moved here. The deer ate all the red buds. I never saw them bloom. After 12 years I pulled the red ones out and gave them away. This past week, in the middle of my yellow lily patch there was one red volunteer blooming its heart out. Maybe it is protected by the yellow ones. A bird or squirrel or something must have planted a seed.

So how was your week?

40 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 21 – Father’s Day, Saturdays, vet trips, new furniture, day lilies

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  2. I love when the deer and squirrels rearrange my plants. Now if I could only get them inside to clean the kitchen we would have a deal. For my garden it’s Hyacinths that make surprise appearances.
    Hazel knows a good thing when she sees it!


    • The deer discovered the lone red day lily last night. All gone! They also pruned the yellow ones around it for me. I guess they read my blog. I have daffodils that appear in unplanted locations but never hyacinths. Hazel does know a good thing. As of yesterday afternoon, Morgan was on the furniture too. That’s two out of four.


  3. “recovering dad”. What a perfect phrase. My daughter took her dad to a cooking lesson event. It was a small group with a great chef and he really enjoyed it (with wine, food, and air conditioning, how could it be a loser?) Much better than the trips to Astroworld/amusment parks from past years.
    Hazel blends in so well with the couch, she probably thought it was hers. We need a new couch, but for some reason, I’m stalling until we move or Molly gets a bit older….
    Love the day lilies. Maybe the yellow ones did organize a defense league.


    • The lone red day lily was discovered and devoured last night. The yellow ones around it were pruned. The deer read my blog, the little buggers. I always think that I’ll try leather furniture when I don’t have cats but who knows when that will be. Not anytime soon. My brother would love the cooking event. A long time ago we took a cooking class together. That was a great idea.


  4. Hazel is a beauty, and Morgan is so sweet to be that good. I need to take Tiger in for her nails. She won’t let me cut them and she grows those thin curly (painful) kind. But Mac (the sick one) is getting special care. The very talented vet tech is coming here twice a week to give him subcutaneous fluids because the vet doesn’t like him brought in b/c of his heart. With four cats, we’re always doing something for our cats, aren’t we?!
    OK, what is it with red day lilies? Why do they like those, but not yellow? I love them, too. Beautiful. I know lilies are poisonous to cats. I wonder why deer can eat them.


    • Too bad you can’t get your vet tech to cut Tiger’s nails! Deer have an adjustable stomach. During a hard winter they can digest just about everything including sharp pointy things like holly. During the summer they stick to softer things. About the only thing they don’t seem to like is mint or strong herbs. My cats don’t eat anything but cat grass. I can bring any flowers inside and they won’t touch them. (unless I try to put a spikey grass in it for accent, then it’s Morgan’s toy but she won’t eat it, just spill it.)

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      • Oh, you are lucky they won’t touch them. My cats eat flower arrangements, so if someone sends me poisonous stuff I have to put it up high on the mantle or outside. Family knows to send only roses or orchids and no greens. Interesting about deer. I always thought they only eat “vegetables,” but I just looked it up and discovered they will eat baby birds and eggs!
        The tech will cut the other nails, but somebody has to SERIOUSLY scruff Tiger, and I am not capable of that kind of heavy duty control. Takes 2 techs. I kind of admire Tiger for her personality ;).

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  6. My beloved cat, Jesse, used to have a big red sticker on her chart that said “will bite.” You can imagine the fun I had on her vet visits. Love weekends since I work all week; Sunday nights get here too fast. Your day lilies are beautiful, especially the red one!


  7. Hazel knows a good thing when she sees it. Smart Kitty. I like Mondays since it feels like a beginning – like the first day of school after a vacation. It is even quieter here now though since all the students from the three universities have dispersed for the summer.


    • Although I loved weekends when I worked, I didn’t hate Mondays. It was a new start and when you like your job, that’s all good. At my last house I was a block off the campus of an all girls’ university. I would get empty nest syndrome when school ended. It was all happy noise.


  8. Last year I had to get help to get Teddy into the carrier. He spit, hissed, growled, bit and scratched us. Time for him to go again. I am working up to it.
    Hazel looks quite satisfied with the new furniture…you can keep it.
    Nice of the deer to leave you the yellow lilies to enjoy.

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    • I had that problem with Jake when he was younger. He was a big strong male cat. I would put him into a pillow case and put the pillow case into the carrier. He would get out of the pillow case easily enough but by that time he was secure in the carrier. A few years ago I bought a soft sided, top entry carrier on wheels. I don’t have any problem loading anyone. They can’t do that trick with spreading the legs so they don’t fit. Good luck!


  9. It is funny how weekends – those days I used to look so forward to – are now just two days to get through before I get the place back to myself again. Although, now that school is out, kids are everywhere all the time. Oh my, am I turning into a cranky retired person? Oh, yeah!

    I’m glad Hazel gets some quiet “me time” on the cushions before the others decide that it’s safe to join her.

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    • It is such a switch from my working days. Mondays were always the hardest to get in the groove. Sundays aren’t too bad but Saturdays are a bitch here. Clogged stores and highways. We rarely do anything on a Sunday.


    • It is. We had a piece of cloth on the new furniture waiting to go into the house and Morgan sat on that but she is not fond of the bare new fabric. Hazel is a timid, shy cat and she deserves her time on the new stuff before she has to share.

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  10. I love…recovering father. So apt when you think about it. Also the image of Morgan smiling in the backseat…whew…glad that’s over with. It’s just how I feel when I get my shots.

    Saturdays on the Upper East Side are pretty great since the rich hightail it to their beach houses leaving the rest of us to preen in the peacefulness of their absence. You do have your tourists en route to the Metropolitan, but they behave better.

    Wonder why the deer only munch the red ones. If only they could talk 🙂

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    • Often wondered that about the deer myself. I had a lot of yellow at different spots including next to hosta plants (an all time favorite of theirs) and none got eaten. I used to go to NYC on Christmas day and stay for a couple of days. It was always peaceful and people were nice. Guess the locals were in the islands. (Not that the locals aren’t nice…..)


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