Random 5 for June 14 — Flag Day, Canadian geese, outdoor furniture, fabric, pizza day

Happy Flag Day to those who live in the United States! The beloved husband flies our flag every day during the summer.

This is a family from last year. Multiply by a lot.

This is a family (not Canadian goose but the concept is the same) from last year. Multiply by a lot.

It takes a village – I was brought to tears this week. I was driving on a back road and saw that the car in front of me had come to a complete stop for no apparent reason. Then I saw the reason. It was a parade of Canadian geese crossing the road. Not just any parade either. It was a whole village. There had to be close to 40 or 50 goslings with adult geese situated front, back and spaced in between, like you would see with a grade school procession. All very well-behaved. The car was taking pictures with their phone. I wish my phone took better pictures. I was also grateful that they stopped to appreciate the moment. Canadian geese are considered a nuisance by many in my area. Personally I find them to be beautiful and graceful and no crankier than most people these days.

Pizza Friday – In case you missed it, Friday was pizza day. The beloved husband and I went to lunch for pizza. We couldn’t get into the first shop because it was so busy. We drove to another and although we did get pizza, it was much busier than usual. I wish I’d get an email announcing these days so that we could avoid them.

New furniture – (See header) Our new furniture came on Friday. Woo hoo! I was able to sell my old stuff on Facebook (thanks for your suggestion on that). The surprise was that although the cats spent a lot of time smelling it, no one has jumped on it for a nap. I wonder how long that will last. Oh yes, we had a huge thunderstorm with horizontal rain that drenched the cushions within six hours of getting it.

Here is the old stuff with a pattern.

Here is the old stuff with a pattern.

Talking about the new stuff – The new furniture cushions are plain. The old ones were a palm leaf pattern. I miss having a pattern on the furniture. In looking for outdoor fabric to recover the chairs around the table, I thought perhaps I could incorporate a pattern that would coordinate and perk it up. Patterns today are very geometric reminiscent of the 70s. Been there done that. Not at all interested. There was one possibility but it would require winning the lottery to purchase enough fabric to recover my six cushions. There weren’t many florals and I didn’t love any of them. One thing I know about me is that if I don’t love the fabric, I won’t make the covers.

So how was your week and what do you know about yourself for sure?


58 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 14 — Flag Day, Canadian geese, outdoor furniture, fabric, pizza day

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  2. Your new furniture is really beautiful, Kate. I think I’d have been the same about looking for a pattern, but as I look at yours in the photo I really like the appearance! It’s very chic. And how exciting to have seen the whole extended family of Canadian Geese. That would be amazing! Tears of wonder are the best! 🙂

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    • I hope the plain fabric doesn’t show stuff like spilt food and cat stains. That’s one good thing about the old pattern. Other than cat hair which you can easily remove, it didn’t show dirt.


  3. I spotted the frog right away, too. Nice furniture. I tend to gravitate toward plain (vs print) and like the cushions. Flag day, pizza day….I missed a lot this weekend. Wait, I ate pizza Saturday night. Does that count?


  4. Hi Kate. I see your comments quite a bit on Susannah’s blog so thought I would have a pop over to have a read. Love the new cushions. If you are missing pattern, how about just picking up a couple of brightly patterned throw cushions to jazz it up? Or even a nice patterned throw of some sort. Just a thought:)

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    • We do have a pillow on the lounge next to the new furniture. The look is so different going from a black background to tan. I just have to get used to it. Maybe in a week I won’t notice anymore. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. I like your new furniture. It looks so comfy that I cannot fathom why the cats aren’t all over it. Certainly they must know that they’ll look lovely on the plain background! Very photogenic. 😉


  6. That goose parade must have been quite a sight!

    Beautiful new furniture. And you’re right to pass on the geometric patterns–not the right look for a patio. I’ve always enjoyed choosing fabric. When we lived in the Philippines, most rattan furniture was ordered from showroom samples, so we got to choose the fabric. For our lanai, I chose a cool, green jungle-y print that went well I thought with the potted plants.


  7. 50 Goslings? OMG…I would have been in heaven…and I love the expression…It Takes A Village. Top Down has a great essay called that, and Hillary’s book of course is called that. It’s a wonderful image especially with geese.

    As far as pizza goes…any day, all day. I was weaned on it…doesn’t even have to be good pizza. Remember a line from a film…pizza’s like sex…even when it’s not so great, it’s pretty good…LOL

    Love the patio furniture. Love the Random 5 🙂


  8. Apparently the cats miss the patterns too… maybe they thought they were camouflaged and would be too obvious cat-napping on a plain background!


  9. Love your new furniture! I could easily stretch out on the loveseat and read a book or blogs! Worth the wait!!!! Our week was spent celebrating CH’s 64th and one thing that I know about myself for sure is that I am really tired of all the rain we have been having and would like to see the sun! I can’t complain too much about the rain because we are finally out of drought in Missouri after three years but just a couple of days in a row of sun would be very nice… 😎


  10. I’m pretty sure that within a week you’ll post a picture of Morgan sleeping on top of the new cushions. There are a lot of beatifiul outdoor fabric patterns out there (Google Sunbrella). I bet a few pillows in a complimentary floral or pattern would give you the oomph you are looking for. The nice thing about solids is that you can easily change the look by adding pillows and other accessories.

    Thanks for the warning about Pizza Fridays.


    • My fabric is Sunbrella and I did google their collection. Guess I’m more of an old time Waverly gal. I just have to get used to the change in looks. It was a dark print before. Now it’s just tan. I’m curious how it will look with cat hair.


  11. The new furniture looks very comfy. Hope you are enjoying it. I know I am enjoying the old! I had no idea that a particular food had a particular day! I wonder….is there a Taco Day (in Mexico?) or a Coq au Vin day (in France?)


  12. Love the duckling photo and also your village of geese. When taking Mum to the coach for her return journey on her last holiday with us, we stopped to let a group of ducks and ducklings cross the road. There must have been about 30 adult birds. The car behind was not impressed. Our attitude, TOUGH! You can wait mate!!
    The goslings down river are thriving too, almost as big as the adults.


  13. I await the first picture of the first cat brave enough to snooze on the new furniture! My money is on Morgan.

    I stopped for about 16 wild turkeys (of the fowl sort, not the foul drink!) last summer in New Hampshire. Two adults and chicks of all sizes. The turkeys are returning to the Northeast along with the forests and the bobcats. Some people complain. (Some people should educate themselves.)

    The great thing about fowl is their diet. They LOVE to eat ticks.

    So…do you want fowl or Lyme disease? Brake for turkeys!


    • We have turkey vultures here. Lots of them. One comes to clean up stray seeds under our bird feeders. I find them majestic (they are huge!). Others find them ugly. They are missing out on an amazing creature. As for the cats, my money is on Morgan too. She’s not shy (how can she be shy when she shows her lady parts to anyone slowing down for a second). Don’t know what’s taking so month. Maybe it’s the new smell they don’t like. So far I haven’t had to clean off cat hair.


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