We need a Mr. Frappy truck!

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

This morning when I was at my old ladies’ gym, a woman was talking about her granddaughter’s love of Starbucks. Perhaps this woman’s family didn’t live under a rock (yep, sometimes with her stories, I have thought that).

Then she ruined it.

She started mocking her granddaughter’s love of fraps as if it was a deadly addiction. Like the kind you die from. Or need rehab.

I have never been shy about saying that I go directly to Starbucks after exercise. (Why else would I exercise?) You would think people would be more sensitive.

Personally I’m not a frappy (that’s Frappuccino-lover for you unenlightened out there!) myself but a nice S’mores frap on a hot day is as good as a hot fudge sundae. The calorie count is the same so you pick your poison.

This same Starbucks abuser is well known for her addiction to tea. There is a specific one that’s only available at holiday time. She even knows where to get the best price. Do you see me poking fun at her? (Well, maybe I just did but she so deserved it!)

I started drinking coffee when I got a full-time job. It was a good way to get something hot in your stomach to start the day. Ok, it should have been accompanied by oatmeal or something but I was young. My big hair took too much time. No time for breakfast.

(Ah, big hair! I so loved it! By the time it comes back in I’ll probably only have 3 strands left but you can bet I will tease those suckers up!)

There were different breakfast routines as I moved through phases. There was a time I loved my morning donut. Then I got “holier than thou.” The donut had to go.

It was replaced with a muffin. Hey, it was healthy! It had grain or fiber or seeds or something in it but not too much or it would taste like cardboard. (When blueberries became a health fad, it ushered in a lot of great food — blueberry muffins, pie, pancakes, etc.!)

Eventually I morphed to a small cold breakfast cereal that didn’t have sugar. I did that with a mid-sized Starbucks mocha latte until I retired.

That’s when all hell broke loose. No more cereal! (The truth is they discontinued it because no one eats cereal without a pound of sugar already on it.)

I joined a gym (healthy), drank water upon rising (healthy) and had a mocha latte after my exercise (sort of healthy – ok, maybe not so sorta). I’m sure it’s only a stage.

I would have been a frappy in my teenage years if they existed. I wonder if they would have been sold from a traveling frappy truck with a loud jingle that the neighborhood kids could hear.


40 thoughts on “We need a Mr. Frappy truck!

  1. I was just reading about the benefits of coffee, how it’s really a pretty good thing to have thrilling me to no end. I was at Barnes and Noble earlier today at their Starbucks bar, and they were handing out mini-fraps to try. I had 3 and boy, were they amazing. The day we need rehab Kate for our coffee jones, maybe we can score a 2-fer 🙂

    Love all the comments.


  2. For a long time I told my love that coffee made me feel sick…he said it was all in my head. When we moved to Greece I learned to drink Turkish coffee and the love fest began. SB’s is sooo good; I think it helps my hair! Ha, love big, big hair…tease it, please it. Frappe’s yummy! Here’s to big hair while drinking delicious coffee…wow!

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  3. I bet you they would have. I remember as a kid, a donut truck that would come through our neighborhood. He had a horn that played a little musical jingle, and we kids would drag our dad (pajamas and all) out to the truck to get a dozen. The guy would open the back and slide out the trays, loaded with hundreds of wheels of death. Oh it was glorious! If only I had a Starbucks to go with that thought right now…I bet I just gave that grandmother a cardiac arrest!


  4. I started drinking coffee with half-n-half when I was a high school senior. Less fattening than a milk shake. (Mmm! Love milk shakes.) I’ve loved coffee ever since. Lately, though, the dairy has started bothering me so I take it with coconut milk. Starbucks has a great coconut milk.


    • I never tried coconut milk. I love everything else coconut! Love milk shakes but they are too much for me in one sitting. I have to be careful with dairy but it seems like only the super rich dairy like cheesecake.


  5. Confession time – I don’t think I’ve ever had a frap. This is probably a good thing as I can get addicted to drinks that taste like dessert. I love a good dark roast coffee from Starbuck’s though. And a soy latte, extra hot. They cost so much that if I order extra hot I won’t drink it in one gulp. Yup, if it’s got blueberries in it, it must be good for you.


  6. My argument here Kate is…. all our lives we try (try) to eat healthy but as I age SURELY there has to be a special treat after all those years of Trying to do the right thing. What have we got left in old age if we cannot treat ourselves something we actually enjoy? You have a pretty good balance, at least you exercise first. My Mum use to say if you know you are going to lash out on coffees and lunches at a cafe eat something healthy first. Balance see, you are able to do both and thats pretty cool in my book.


    • I had to lose 12 pounds after I was taken off some cancer drugs. I vowed to do it and not give up my mocha latte in the morning and I did. Took a long time but I got there and haven’t had any weight issues since. It is balance and picking a choice.


  7. I started drinking coffee when I was a freshman in high school. I needed the extra charge to get going in the morning. Of course, it was instant coffee back then. As an adult I’ve never taken to frappuccinos [too sweet], but if they’d been around when I was a teen I know that I’d have loved them.


  8. I certainly remember big hair at two stages in my life… all teased up as in my high school graduation picture… then in the 80s I had a curly perm and long hair… I was skinny then for about 5 minutes so photos of me look like an upside down mop!


    • I had the long layered curly look in the 80s. That is my favorite look of all the do’s I’ve had over the years. I would do it again (without any teasing to make it big) but my hair doesn’t like perms anymore. I bet your photos are cute.


  9. I am flirting with a Caramel Cocoa Cluster Frappuccino. While at Target yesterday looking for a small rug to put in front of The Porch door to protect the precious tile, I nearly caved to the fancy frappy… I have never had one. Not being good with change, I stayed with my beloved iced white chocolate mocha… pure bliss.
    I love your changes in breakfast choices. Grade school and high school, breakfast was two cold chocolate Hostess Cupcakes and a glass of Tang! I’d still be having the Hostess cupcakes but I torture myself with old lady bran flakes floating in rice milk… Pffft.
    The Mr. Frappy truck sounds Frapptastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Better a fried egg than the soft boiled ones I endured for years because Mom heard they were more healthy. Finally realized I could say I didn’t like them Started drinking coffee at 13 and have had very few days since without it. Gee do they still make instant coffee?


  10. We have Starbucks and Costa Coffee here in the UK but they both cost a lot. However, there is a nice local bakers that does a mean latte and the best pasties…….. and they just so happen to have a convenient bench outside where we can sit and people watch as we enjoy them (and share with her ladyship).


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