Will it or won’t it

Source: clipartpanda

Source: clipartpanda

We have a really “nice” supermarket nearby. It has fabulous produce, ready-made food and a bistro. Shopping is nice. I would even call it fun.

There is a nice drugstore section with enough cosmetics to keep me busy for hours. (What are all those jars for anyway? There is nothing that removes wrinkles that you can get from a jar!)

Lots of nail polish colors and hair stuff. There are hair appliances that I’ve never seen before. (Perhaps they are sex toys and I’m in the wrong aisle!)

Their organic section is huge. Even for pets.

You can spend a day in the yogurt section. Why do we need so many choices?

But there’s something about that store.

Every time I go there, I have to go. Every. Single. Time.

Today was no different. The beloved husband was on his own errand so I went by myself. He is the cart watcher as I do my bathroom run. Today I had no one to “guard” my cart.

I was perfectly fine entering the store. I wasn’t thinking about it until I got a funny feeling. A “spidey” sense that something was going to happen. Like a volcano erupting.

Wait! I live in Pennsylvania. There are no volcanoes!

Of course it must an earthquake or maybe a tornado. We have had funky weather lately. Nothing would surprise me.

Nope, no earthquake except in my stomach.

Where do I park my cart so no one thinks it’s been abandoned? I had selected the best produce and found my favorite stuff. I didn’t want to start all over again. Parking it outside the rest room seemed disgusting in a weird way.

I always prefer that no one know where I’m going as I slither my way to the potty.

I tucked the cart in an out-of-the-way place (the hard-core health food aisle which doesn’t get a lot of traffic) and made my trip.

Everything was fine when I came back out but my interest in shopping was gone. It was flushed along with everything else.

I finished the shopping I had to do and left with a sadness. I love to shop at that store but for some reason it requires at least one bathroom trip. And a volcano eruption.

Fortunately their “facilities” are top-notch especially for a public one.


44 thoughts on “Will it or won’t it

  1. Prefer to wait, rather than use public amenities, but I guess if you must you must and and even happier customer is one that does not take fright in the public toilets, so they must tick all the boxes it sounds like Kate.


  2. Do you think your system responds to all that good organic produce simply at the suggestion of it? I have a favorite store that sounds very much like the one you’re describing and I can spend a lot of time and a lot of money enjoying it very much…fortunately, I haven’t experienced any volcanic eruptions! You poor thing!

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  3. Supermarkets make it so hard to find their facilities. No big signs. I hate it when you have to go into the stock room to get to the restrooms. Since I go shopping by myself, I have no trouble leaving my cart. I’m used to it.


  4. I pretty much know where the bathrooms are wherever I am. I get nervous if I don’t know. Never know when there might be an emrrgency. I have been known to tell the management if the facilities are not clean. I sometimes make courtesy visits, too.


    • We would get along just fine. I went strawberry picking at a farm last year. First thing I asked was where the bathrooms were. The woman pointed them out then said she would wait until I was done to give me directions to my rows. I said I didn’t have to go, I just like to know. Sometimes there is no time to find someone to ask!


  5. I had a traumatic experience in a Walmart restroom that scarred me for life, Kate. I will never enter one of their bathrooms again.
    I love Wegman’s. We had one when I lived in Fairfax, Virginia. I’m still waiting for one to open in Charlotte.


  6. I am not joking when I say that I choose my grocery stores based on their bathroom facilities. Most are really vile. With Crohn’s it’s rare that I don’t have to go. But I never worry about folks stealing my cart — as long as they pay for it!


  7. I guess you know where to go if you ever have an issue and can’t go. I am the same way about bringing stuff into the bathroom with me, as in I never bring anything into the bathroom with me.


    • You can’t take unpaid merchandise in but I don’t like to take paid merchandise in there either! I know where all the restrooms are. If I go to a new restaurant, I’ll ask. Sometimes I’ll make a courtesy visit. Pizza places have the worst restrooms.

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  8. We don’t have a Wegman’s here, but I have that reaction to Cost Plus World Market. I think it’s the standing and focusing entirely on something else. I read an article recently about how Western toilets are designed all wrong, since our large intestine kinks up when we sit.

    I wonder what lucky folks got to be the guinea pigs for THAT study? And how would an MRI work for that?

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