Unplanned surprises and comfortable tushies

Porch in early spring with current furniture and no plants.

Porch in early spring with current furniture and no plants.

It was a normal day. There were errands to be run and cats to be adored. I didn’t realize it would be a day when my head would spin. That would come later.

We lost a new Norway spruce tree over the winter and decided to get a partial refund. We needed the receipt (check), pictures of the dead tree (check) and a branch (check).

The garden center where we bought the tree is large. They carry all sorts of plants, trees, flowers, supplies, grills and outdoor furniture.

All was going well (that means we got the refund) when the beloved husband decided to check out the grill area which is next to the outdoor furniture. He is a master griller. He takes good care of his baby and it needed a new cover.

Grills are boring. It was too early to buy annual plants so I wandered around the pots and pond supplies ending up in the outdoor furniture section.

I sat on a sofa. Oh my! It was incredibly comfortable like an indoor sofa. I jumped into the matching loveseat and then started testing the other designs. They have something called deep seats which means the cushions are thicker.

My tushy likes cushy. Our current furniture is stiffer. I had no thought of replacing it.

I called the beloved husband over to try (still not thinking about buying anything).

He agreed that it was considerably more comfortable than the furniture we have now.

We are porch people (no that’s not like homeless people). Our porch is screened with high ceilings and fans. We have artwork on the walls (sort of).

Even on a hot day it’s a cool spot. It has a great view of the pond and yard. We live there from as soon as it’s warm enough until it’s too cold. We have looked at heaters so we could start earlier and end later.

The only negative point is that there is no comfy place to read a book. You can read at the table but the sofa and loveseat are not good for long-term sitting.

Last year I bought a zero gravity chair. The feet go up (ahhh!) but my head goes back too far to read comfortably. It’s still a great chair.

The beloved husband was bouncing from chair to chair. I knew something was up. He can be a much more impulsive buyer when it concerns guitars, tools, his grill or the porch.

On the ride home I asked if he was seriously considering this purchase. He looked at me as if I was asking if he would pursue a cure for a terminal illness (which he doesn’t have).

We measured our furniture. We checked color choices (the new furniture has limited fabric options if we want the sale price).

Within a half hour we were back on the road with samples of our siding, tiles, etc. to see if it would work. It did.

So we went to the garden center to get a refund of $75 only to spend a lot more on new porch furniture.

Never test out furniture. You may fall in love.




58 thoughts on “Unplanned surprises and comfortable tushies

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  3. Oh Kate you would be every store sales persons dream shopper. Go in for a refund come out with empty pockets. Just quietly, Im a deck person, it may not be as reputable as a porch person but I can’t break the habit. Enjoy a lazy Sunday on your porch.


    • I’ve had decks too. I love any reason to sit outside! The thing I really liked about my deck was that I could put flower boxes on the rails and they trailed down. It was gorgeous. Since the flowers in the porch don’t get enough light, I stay with ferns and greens.


  4. I LOVE YOUR PORCH. It’s so Connecticut and made me want one in a big way. I think it’s great you bought what’s more comfy, especially since you spend so much time out there. What a cozy image. Happy for you.

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  5. Super lovely porch Kate! Congratulations on your new furniture! You are going to love the fatter cushions. We live on our porch… we have a four seasons room but the windows are open most of the summer because we have some great shade from the Oaks. I love your tile floor so much that we are heading out today to pick out tile for our porch… it’s only taken 9 years. We put down carpet squares until I could find what I wanted… well your tiles have sent me shopping!


    • Flooring makes a difference. It dresses it up. I love the tile because it’s easy to take care of. I don’t mind having people over during the summer because we can hose down the porch if the party gets sloppy.

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  6. After mom in law died and we switched her mail to our house, we began getting lots and lots of catalogs. I learned to never open them as it just led to spending money! So my mantra is “never look at the catalog,” kind of like your advice to never sit on the furniture! Make sure you post a photo of the new furniture!!!


    • I stopped (sort of….maybe) looking at shoe catalogs. Well, I do look but I make myself NOT buy. Unless I’ve tried something on locally, shoes are an iffy on-line purchase for me. I bought shoes from Hotter which are well-made but don’t fit my feet. They are so pretty I keep trying to wear them……


  7. I’m jealous of your screened-in porch, and I’ll bet it’s going to look even better after you add the new furniture. Glad you got that refund for $75. You’re going to need it for new accessories to match the new furniture. 🙂


  8. I love your porch. No wonder you like to spend time there. Here in Western Washington State we have patios and decks. We don’t have enough bugs for screened porches. But when we lived in the Philippines, we had a big screened porch we called a lanai. I loved it. We had rattan furniture with fat green print cushions, and we hung ferns and orchids around the edges. We even had a mynah bird in a cage for a while.


  9. I’m so envious of your screened in porch! We don’t have those in the part of the country I live in. My first experience sitting in a screened porch was at my in-laws in North Carolina. We sat out there on a warm but rainy afternoon. I’ve wanted one ever since. Have fun with your new furniture!


  10. Tushie comfort is top priority! Your porch is lovely, I can see why you’d spend as much time out there as possible. I have a deck, which is not even close to what you have, but love sitting out there in the mornings with my coffee.


  11. Kate, how do you keep the cats from putting holes in the screens? I just had a bunch of window and door screens brought in for rescreening due to my 3 feline boys…….


    • My cats are declawed. Our screens are in two sections. If they had claws (or I had a dog) I would probably glass in the bottom section. There are grates you can put on them too and you only need at the bottom. I had a full length screen door at another house and our friendly neighbor cat totally ruined the bottom. We had to put an ugly guard on the door and it wasn’t even our cat.


  12. Your last line is so true!
    A pond and a screen porch with ceiling fans and comfy furniture! Ahhhh. We were just talking last night about how a screen porch is definitely on the list for the next house. We grew up with them, then porches went out of favor with AC arriving and people closed them in – and now we all want them again.
    Well done!


  13. How DIVINE – I can only DREAM of a porch like yours! Well done with the new furniture as it sounds like a “meant-to-be” purchase, especially if that’s where you spend the majority of your day. Besides, you do have to consider the cats, don’t they also need something a little cushy for their tushies?! 🙂


  14. Am jealous. I gave up on our porch furniture search. Maybe next year I’ll find something that we can agree on. Like you, we spend most evenings during the warm months out on our screened-in porch. Happy that your tushy will be comfy this coming season.


  15. Really!! You took tile and siding samples for an outdoor porch? We can’t be related!! I don’t even do that for indoors. But then, that’s why your home could be in “house and garden” and mine in “backwoods weekly”. Lol. Enjoy.


    • The fabric choice was limited. There was a yellow, cream and green. Only the cream (and it’s an odd weave that isn’t all that light) worked. The green was too loud for the tile and the yellow wouldn’t work at all. I still have the table and chairs with the palm frond cushions so it had to work with that! Can’t wait to see the rug you picked for your house! Backwoods weekly? I must get a copy!


  16. Your porch is one of the most pleasant places as it is….I am sure that your new purchase will make it even better. Can’t wait to see them.


  17. Hah, this sounds so familiar. I love porch living! In Arizona, we’re either on what is really the veranda (that we call the porch) or it’s too hot. Then when we’re out there the misters are on, but I prefer indoors when it’s that hot. Enjoy your new furniture!


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