Random 5 for April 10, 2022 – Flooding, disappointments, contractors, death, flowers


The downside – Our development is surrounded by fields and meandering streams. There is a downside to meandering streams. They flood. It doesn’t affect our house, but it does affect the roads we travel. We had three inches of rain … Continue reading

Not so random thoughts for September 5, 2021 – It’s all about Ida


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Ida came through this week. We weren’t paying attention as most of the time, storms miss us. We live at the base of a mountain range that wreaks havoc with forecasting. Storms either go north or south of us. Mostly. … Continue reading

Sassy cats — Pets are family


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Mollie pretty much sums up our feelings here about a most bizarre summer. Night time temperatures are in the 50s. There is a crispness that makes you crave apples and tuna. Ok, the cats always crave tuna although in real … Continue reading