Random 5 for April 8 – Tomato plants, avoiding exercise, phone calls, busy, research


Requiem for tomato plants – I did the same thing I did last year. I used the heating pad for germination and a sun lamp to help them grow. I planted 4 varieties of tomatoes (multiple plants) and only one … Continue reading

Random 5 for April 24 – Starbucks, donating, self-esteem, full speed, cats


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Get out of there! – I brought a plant and some cat grass and put the bag on the counter. I took my coat off and turned around and Morgan already had her head in the bag munching. That cat … Continue reading

Random 5 for May 23 – Holiday weekends, skin, karma, school bus, Morgan


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Holiday weekends – When you are retired, holiday weekends no longer have the appeal they used to have (unless you are invited to a picnic). There are all these people clogging the roads and places I want to go. The … Continue reading