Random 5 for September 8 – Terrifying event, health issues, dementia, gratefulness, LinkedIn


Serves me right! – After bragging about our drop in robocalls, we got one at 3 a.m. This is a very dark time. We were both jolted out of bed. Surely there was a death. Why else would someone call … Continue reading

Random 5 for December 30 – Death, endings, potato chips, stuff, changes


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Another one bites the dirt – Queen said it so well! For the past month I have been thinking of any old friend who I haven’t seen in decades. Periodically he wrote restaurant reviews and I was on the email … Continue reading

Shades of perky


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When I was young I was very perky. You know that kind of annoying perkiness that comes with youth. It was natural. No need for drugs or booze. If it were bottled, I’d buy a case or two because I used … Continue reading