Sassy cats – It’s peopley

That’s me on the tarp protecting the stairs carpet.

Gracie here. The peep is in a tizzy. We’ve had workers in the house all week. They were scheduled to be here for two days and of course it’s four. Nothing is ever easy. They have noisy equipment. Generators, nail guns, saws, yikes! The peep had a headache and couldn’t think (not that she ever does a lot of that!) so no mid-week post. The burden to entertain you is on me.

Sasha is ticked off. She hates people in the house, except for her peeps. They make her sleep UNDER the bed instead of on top of it on the nice soft comfy quilt. She missed a meal and one snack time and she wasn’t happy about that.

This is Gus demonstrating the “open sesame” technique!

This morning, around 1 a.m. I started howling. The peep said I would wake the dead. Not likely but I gave it a go. She had to get out of bed, put on her robe and slippers and find out what was going on. She didn’t find me on the first swoop. I hollered louder. Then she figured it out. I had closed myself in the powder room. I like playing with doors. They are so much fun. You can put your paws under them and hide behind them. You can push them around. The dang thing closed. With the latch! I couldn’t push it open. I couldn’t get my paw underneath to grab it. I had to yell for help. The peep would prefer if I didn’t do that at 1 a.m. Whatev!

Everyone else is waiting out the workers. Monday is the last day to finish up. After that the peep will go into a cleaning frenzy while we watch from the furniture and send fur in the air.

Note to self: Go to casino next time the peep schedules indoor work.

Have a great weekend. Hopefully without indoor workers.

45 thoughts on “Sassy cats – It’s peopley

  1. Well I don’t blame you for letting out a howl or a yowl – who wants to be trapped with no way out? Shame on that door for closing on you Gracie – but next time let it happen during waking hours.

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  2. I have to close the bathroom door at night. My cat jumped on the top of the toilet, slipped and flushed the toilet one night. I woke up to find a cat running around, terrified. Our lives would be boring without cats. Have a good weekend.

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    • Almost 20 years ago, we adopted Mollie as a young adult cat. She would go into the toilet to drink which I found disgusting so we started to close the toilet. She’s gone about 3 years and we still put the lid down. Now we will also close the door. They do train us, don’t they?

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  3. OH Gracie! Glad that your peep heard your 1am cry,what’s a cat to do when a stupid door shuts on them! The casino sounds like a good suggestion next time workers come. It might be a wise idea to let your mom get a good night’s sleep tonight though, no 1am squeals of terror. Happy weekend!

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  4. Oh, those pesky doors! Our dog likes to hit things with his nose, which is why he has shut himself in our bedroom and the kid’s bedroom repeatedly. Then he darn near breaks down the door when I call him for a walk!

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  5. Oh Gracie, the stories I have about workers and home projects. I have pushed all that down in the deepest recesses of my mind.
    Our Z Cat was always getting herself locked in the coat closet. Also in the kitchen cabinet that had the spin around shelves.
    Gracie, I think a trip to the casino next time workers come sounds like a good plan.

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    • The peep wants to redo the master bath but every time we go through a small project like this, it gets pushed back. It would take months to complete and she’s be completely nuts (instead of just partially). They say this is the last project like this for this year. Other routine projects like window treatments and pillows the peep will do herself.


  6. I bet the new floors are fab though! You should wait to shut yourselves in the bathroom for when the workers are making noise – NOT when the peeps are asleep – they don’t like their beauty sleep disturbed!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  7. Ugh! The saga of seemingly never-ending work getting your new home at 100% pleasing to you! I hope that Monday does bring an end to the current project, and I also hope that you soon can cross everything off your to-do list. As for the 4-legged peeps, remind them that the weather is becoming warm enough to be outside, as long as they don’t mind taking turns to be caged up to hang out there!

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