Sassy cats — I’ll never pee alone

It’s the peep today with pictures. Gracie is taking her post breakfast bath and the rest are in food coma. As a peep going to the bathroom alone is not easy. “They” don’t like the bathroom door closed. They will yodel on the other side.

If it’s open they must come in. They always pester for pets  and Morgan does a commentary on what’s going on. Something like “yo peep! What did you have for dinner. Smells bad!”

Gus: Whatcha doing?

Gus: Can I help? Smells pretty stonky here. Maybe you need a vet.

Morgan: Yikes peep! Maybe you should get checked out!

Sasha: Have sundrop, won’t travel. Do your business by yourself!

All the judgmental cats and the peeps wish you a great weekend. Last one before spring!

49 thoughts on “Sassy cats — I’ll never pee alone

  1. Your cats seem to be very interested in your bathroom habits! It’s funny how they always want to be involved in everything we do, even going to the bathroom. Your photos of Gus and Morgan are adorable, and it’s clear that they bring a lot of joy and entertainment to your life. Thanks for sharing these sweet moments with us!

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