Sassy cats – Birds and things

Gracie: I’m making sure they don’t return!

Gracie here. Very weird week. The peep would tell you that “her” cats do not go on the counters. We don’t. Usually. Hardly ever. Only when necessary to save her life.

Morgan: I got this! That cardinal won’t get in!

There was a kerfuffle going on early in the morning. Lady peep came out to see what was going on. Morgan and Gus were sitting on the counter flanking the sink. Lady peep almost had a heart attack. We don’t ever go up there. That’s the sacred place where we are not allowed.

There was a stern talk coming when a cardinal banged into the window. Both cats whopped the window. Is this some new kind of animal morse code?

The cardinal came again and again. His lady friend was in the tree chirping him on. The peep was afraid the cardinal would hurt himself so she banged loudly. He flew off. This has happened every morning all week. They hung around until the neighbor’s outdoor cats come out. Then they were gone.

The peep said that birds sometimes do that during mating season. The cardinal sees a reflection in the glass and thinks it another cardinal trying to woo his honey. Lady cardinal was sitting nearby telling him that he’s the only one but he wasn’t having any of it. Love is sweet. Sort of. Hope their make-up sex was good.

Gus: Taking care of business!

Then the peep yelled at everyone to get off the counters. She used her outdoor voice.

Have a great weekend!

53 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Birds and things

  1. Oh no, Gracie! The counters are not a place for you cats, and after seeing how you have such wonderfully soft sofas, cushions and beds, you really don’t need to worry about the birds outside–stay off the counters! But you’ve helped me with some information. I see birds, mostly in the spring, making contact with the mirrors on our cars in repetitive actions that I didn’t understand. Now I know they’re just looking for some companionship! Mystery solved. Thank you! 🙂

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  2. Love the look on Gus’ face…..! In our old house there were huge sliding doors and windows along one side of the house and until we put some stickers on them we had many “stunned” birds on the patio.

    Hugs, Pam

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  3. Thank you for reminding me to get some bird stickers for my big window and patio doors, Gracie. You’d think the sad tufts of feathers adhering to the outside of these pieces of glass would have done the trick but unfortunately no. Off to Amazon! Have a great weekend, peeps and pussy cats!


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  4. I miss the bright cardinals and their tufts. Out here we have the shrieky peacocks attacking their own reflections–usually found in on shiny dark paint jobs of very expensive cars in very expensive neighborhoods. This makes the very expensive people very upset, but amuses the heck out of the rest of us.

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  5. My kitchen window faces my next-door neighbor’s back yard, in which there hang at least a half-dozen filled birdfeeders (more than 6 but the birds empty certain ones first). I’ve tried to be apathetic about cleaning those windows because I have heard the sound of birds crashing into them from time to time! And thanks for the chuckle about using your ‘outside voice’! I hope it helped!

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  6. Oh dear, outdoor voice! A sound no respecting indoor cat wants to hear! I think your Mom should be called Snow White! And she has always been my favorite fairy tale character. Have a great weekend!

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