Sassy cats – Toothless

Gracie: Here I am contemplating life without teefs.

Gracie here. The casino bus was cancelled because of impending bad weather. Good time to come back to work.

I’ve had a dreadful December. It all started on a Sunday night when the peep took away all the food and said I had to “fast.” I should have known. The portal to hell was out so someone was going to the vet.

Early the next morning, before her Starbucks (when she’s still cranky) she dropped me off at the vet and left. She left me there. By myself. I was not happy and told them so. This was no spa day!

It was a day full of weird stuff. They shaved a patch on my paw then put a needle in. Then I waited. They finally took me in and told me to count backwards from 100. I didn’t make it far.

When I woke up, I was woozy and not feeling great. They left me sleep it off but I didn’t feel good. The peep never came back. I was starting to wonder if I was abandoned.

The next day, while I was in my pity party, the peep came and rescued me. They had a plastic shield all around my face. It was awful. Since I only have one eye, it limited even more what I could see which wasn’t much. Worst of all, I couldn’t reach the food in the dish.

The peep took it off using her opposable thumbs and a few naughty words and I ate. I spent the week sleeping on the window ledge next to her computer. I wanted to comfort her and also check on her browsing history. Needed to make sure she wasn’t cruising cat adoption sites.

They yanked out all my teef except for three. (I have a little lisp now.) Some were broken off at the gum line. Some were crumbling like an old building. The peep wanted to see and stuck her finger in my mouth. I immediately bit it. Got two of my sharp chompers on it. Don’t feel sorry for her. You don’t go putting your hand in any creature’s mouth without consequences.

The tooth fairy brought me catnip toys. Sasha stole one right away and we have no idea where she’s keeping it but occasionally, she comes running through the house with it in her mouth. Gus plays with the pink one (he’s a manly cat so he can wear pink). All the rest are mine!

We are all hunkered down waiting for the cold weather to arrive. We are grateful for a warm house and pray for all the people and pets in the Ukraine who must be freezing.

Have a marvelous weekend and don’t let anyone steal your teef.

Gracie: This is Sasha’s idea of comforting me. I won’t let her touch me!

60 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Toothless

  1. Poor girl – maybe on your Christmas list for Santa next year you can ask for a new set of teef? Actually you can still slurp and some of the bestest cat food is slurp stuff. I hope you feel just fine by now Gracie.

    Hugs, Teddy (and Mom Pam)

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  2. Gracie – thanks for filling us in on the whole ordeal. You are a real trouper, that is for sure. You may have lost a lot of teef, but you have not lost your ability to wow us with your views on life. My favorite quip was that about the peep: “I wanted to comfort her and also check on her browsing history. Needed to make sure she wasn’t cruising cat adoption sites.” You’re a keeper Gracie, why would the peep look for a replacement?

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  3. Oh, Gracie! This is one of my favorite passages: ” I spent the week sleeping on the window ledge next to her computer. I wanted to comfort her and also check on her browsing history.”
    I hope Santa has an extra special present for you (Casino bus cancelling is just the last straw) Maybe some soft fish? Did someone say lobster?
    You sound like you have a wise and kind neighbor – and you can encourage that behavior from your warm window perch.
    It has been 17-18 degrees here at night and only above freezing for a short bit around noon. A group of determined animal rescues have been handing out free pet houses, pet mattresses, and blankets since Monday and scouring the streets for strays and shy kitties. There are numbers to call if you see any animal out unprotected. Bless those who go out and collect these little ones.
    Have a meowy Kiss-mess!

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    • I’m glad to see someone is looking out for animals. At least here, the strays develop a thick winter coat of fur. I saw the two this afternoon in a tiny speck of sun and was relieved they didn’t turn into popsicles. Their huts are pretty extravagant, heated and all with two good meals a day. It’s a good gig for a cat that doesn’t want to be an indoor kitty.


  4. Ah, poor Gracie. I’m glad you’re ok now. And it’s like -1 outside here now, so you’re very lucky to be safe and warm inside. I hope you, the other sassies and your peeps have a wonderful and warm holiday! Take care.

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  5. I am sorry they tortured you so much at the vet. I am glad you are home and feeling better and got to have some of your toys from the Tooth Fairy. I hope you all have a nice Christmas. XO

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  6. Ms. GRacie, you are too funny! Thanks for the giggles…much needed today. Biting the hand that feeds you, however…not really a good idea, just sayin’. Still, have a Merry Christmas and give you peep a break here and there, okay?

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  7. I think it’s very interesting that you can eat kibble without teeth… well, thwee teeth. Thank the heavens there are callouses on your gums. The only place I have calouses is on my heels from wearing flip flops every dingy dang day. I am not going to let anyone steal my teef, Gracie! I am so glad the tooth fairy brought you catnip toys.

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  8. Dear Gracie, sounds like you had a rough time, and then the casino bus gets canceled on top of it! My condolences!

    If it’s any consolation, I had to get all of my teethies removedabout five years ago. I was lucky because they gave me fake ones that I can take in and out. That worked well until I fell down and broke my jaw. Now the fake ones don’t fit anymore. While I understand that you might be in favor of soft food, after over a month now, I find it disgusting! Hopefully, you and I will both get back to our normal dietary fulfillment soon.

    Meanwhile, I hope all of you and the peeps stay warm and dry and enjoy a quiet holiday season!

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    • I am not a fan of wet food. I had to eat it for two weeks or starve but his past Monday the dry food came back out. Now my peep is having a hard time getting me to eat any wet stuff. The wet stuff is better for the crystals in my kidneys too but do I care? Nope!


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