Sassy cats — Thanksgiving

This is me giving our stuffed black lab a back rub. Lots of biscuits! Dog was not grateful!

Gracie here! Hi frens! Yesterday was a food holiday here. Mostly for the peeps. We got to eat too but we had regular stuff. Nothing fancy.

The peeps had people in. Sasha got caught upstairs napping so she stayed upstairs. When they left, she came flying down into the basement. I guess she had to potty. I don’t think I’ve seen her move that fast ever. As she rounded the corner her legs flayed out to the side and she slide on her belly. Gave me a good chuckle.

Gus and Morgan trying to nap on the loveseat!

Mostly we napped. It’s winter here and harder to find sunspots. Harder to find the sun generally speaking.

We are setting up a Tinder page for Sasha. How is this for a picture?

Or maybe something more playful?

Have a great weekend!

37 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Thanksgiving

  1. LOL! Sasha is a glamour puss for sure 🙂 Glad peace is restored to the house and she has taken down her Tinder page. It would break Gus’s heart!
    Glad everyone had a good day except for Sasha being trapped upstairs for the duration.

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    • She is. Considering how much of a diva she is and how she doesn’t care about other’s personal space, she is fearful of strangers. She will spend a week in the basement when the stepkids come visit and they are cat people.

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