Sassy cats – News update

Gracie here. The peep’s anxiety is stoking up. She keeps using the word “dental.” Then she gives me sad eyes. I hope that doesn’t mean me. Not a fan of the vet especially when they make me stay overnight. Who will hork up a hairball on the peep’s favorite throw? Who will pester her while she’s trying to type. I completely screwed up her screen while she was typing this week. It was so fun. Who knew that if you walk on those black squares, magic happens.

We’re getting presents. The peep ordered a new “magic” comb. We have different varieties and this new one looks nice. I’ll give it a test run when it comes in. She also bought clear plastic protection for one of our chairs. Gus is mostly good but there is one chair he likes to claw. Not a lot but this is “guaranteed” to break him of the habit. I didn’t have the heart to tell the peep he will move to another spot. Let her have her happiness no matter how short-term it is.

There better be nip in that package too!

This is Whiskers sunning himself!

We all had a scare. Whiskers, our next door outside, semi-feral cat went missing for a day. We can look down into the patio where he gets fed so we watched for him. He’s like Gus! Never misses a meal so we were all concerned when he didn’t show up for breakfast. Before you feel sorry for him, he’s got a great life. He and his sis have a heated outdoor cat house with two meals a day. They have patio furniture to sleep on when the sun moves over head and lots of squirrels to chase. He’s around six and the neighbor doesn’t think he would transition to an indoor cat. At least not now. Maybe when he’s old.

The peeps bought a new Christmas tree. It’s a short skinny one and fits without smooshing furniture. We are waiting to see if there will be room for the nice velvety base cover she used for the last one. It has our hairball stains nicely positioned. It’s a lot of work to break in new stuff. We can’t hork a hairball on command. We must work at it.

All of us are beyond caring about redecorating the tree although if there is low fruit, it may be knocked off. We are cats after all!

That’s the news from the ‘hood. Have a great weekend!

Gus with airplane ears watching for Whiskers!


59 thoughts on “Sassy cats – News update

  1. Just think how much better you will feel when those bad toofs come out and everything heals up. It’s not that bad, really! You can have ice cream (if your tummy allows) and maybe those squeezy treats? I wonder if you would enjoy licking them frozen. Frozen tuna juice? Everyone else will be jealous! Plus, I keep hoping maybe with the bad toofs gone that ear tube is gonna open up and drain right. Dunno if that is connected at all but it’d be nice if it were.

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  2. I understand your concern, Gracie. I don’t like dental work either! I hope you won’t have to stay overnight, but if so, I’m sure your main Peep will have lots of love and affection, and probably treats for you when you get home. I think she’d better be good to you to protect any frustration that might be taken out on that pretty new tree!

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    • You are so lucky. Of my current crew, only Gracie has bad teeth. Gus needs a dental (or so they said) but he’s fairly young, around 4 or so. Morgan is 9 and so far no one has mentioned a dental. They are talking about a collar afterward. I’m not a fan of collars. They had me put one on Morgan when she broke her leg. It was a mess. She got food all over it. I took it off. She would occasionally like her bandage but she never tried to chew it off. Not sure why a dental needs one. I’ve had spays done without one.


  3. I’m sorry you have dental issues kiddo … I got braces as an adult and my orthodontist told me I couldn’t squirm … but the chair was made for kids and I was already 5′ 9″ tall. So ya, I “get” it about the dentist. One time my braces came apart over 4th of July weekend and my father put the tin snips in my mouth to cut them. Being a germaphobe I was pretty fitful but I lived to tell about it but the orthodontist accused me of eating Kraft caramels … really? I was an adult and if I was not supposed to eat taffy, caramels or gooey things, I wasn’t going to eat ’em. Your procedure will be over quickly and you’ll be chewing Kraft caramels in no time if you’re so inclined … I’d just ask for extra nibbles of turkey on Turkey Day or extra catnip in my Christmas stocking to compensate for pain and suffering.

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  4. Dental is a “danger” word around here for my Mom and Dad but not for me – I have at the ripe old age of almost 7 have never had a need for a dental. My doc says I’m a model citizen in the tooth department (not so much in the weight department though). No tartar build up – actually he did use his finger nail once to get a small bit of plaque but otherwise no need for full dental. I celebrate that. That neighbor kitty Whiskers has it good – comfy outdoor accommodations, food, freedom – not a bad deal as long as he’s “wily” enough to avoid danger and most seasoned outdoor cats are. We’re getting a new tree – as long as there’s room UNDER it for ME (and Dad’s train) I’m happy.

    Hugs, Teddy

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    • You are lucky. This is Gracie’s second dental and she had a few extractions in the first round. She’s around 8 or so (we don’t really know). She was surrender in a hoarding situation without any good nutrition or vet care. Other than teeth and she’s small, she’s mostly healthy. Still has an ear thing going on.


  5. Gracie, I guess the news is good and bad. That dental thing…no fun. Sorry. But new combs, new trees to explore, lots of good stuff to balance the bad. I hope the dental goes well and you won’t need another one for many years. Hope Whiskers is okay.

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