Random 5 for November 20, 2022 – Sleep cycles, perception, bad luck, shopping, Thanksgiving

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It’s in the gene pool – Two of my nieces went on a short vacation. There were messages from them between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. They were up that early on vacation, but I would be too. Early risers run in our gene pool.

Yikes! – Every morning I pass a crumpled brown inflatable lying on the ground. It’s a Thanksgiving turkey or pilgrim (I haven’t seen it inflated) but it looks like a dead deer. Every morning my heart drops when I see it. Every. Single. Time!

The kiss of death – In the summer, I found a fabric at a local craft store that I really liked. On sale! I bought it to make window treatments. I have it on three different windows but I wanted to have an extra supply in case I wanted to do more with it (table runner, another window treatments, whatever!). The store discontinued it. I bought the last piece which was two yards and not enough for another window. As soon as I like something and especially when it’s reasonably priced, it’s discontinued. It happened to the fabric I have in the bedroom. I would love to make a matching bed skirt but it’s unavailable anywhere. I must have the touch! If I like you, you are history! That’s true of television programs too.

Tis the season – Even with no gifts to buy, it gets to be an expensive season. There are things I want to get for the house and the sales now are better than any other time of the year. Somehow December is always a “medical” month too with lots of checkups coming up.

It’s the first holiday – This week we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US. There will only be four of us together. None of us are turkey fans so we are throwing caution (and tradition) to the wind and serving stuff we like. Coming out from under the yoke of required Thanksgiving foods! Yeah!

So how was your week?

58 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 20, 2022 – Sleep cycles, perception, bad luck, shopping, Thanksgiving

  1. I’m afraid I am that same “kiss of death” for a good television show. It’s become so apparent that I am very reluctant to even start a new series.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and perhaps now that inflatable item will be put away and not give you a daily shock. I wouldn’t like that either.

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  2. Depending on the weather, as my mom didn’t chance going out in ice or snow when she got older, we’d go to a great ribs place for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. “The Boneyard” never closed and was open 24 hours a day. We had the same waitress for years and I thought of her when you said your Starbucks barista was graduating school – it was the same for our waitress. She left when school was done. They served the meal on a huge plate, ribs popped on top of cottage fries and on top of the ribs, a green onion and huge piece of garlic bread, slaw on the side. You went home stuffed, but happy.

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  3. I wonder if the dead turkey comes to life at night. I’d be freaked by that too. I know that we used to find December was a big medical expense month, but it isn’t anymore. We moved all our former end-of-the-year appointments to January, which makes December seem more jolly.

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  4. It will just be SSNS and me for Thanksgiving and that works just fine. We aren’t turkey fans either so it is bacon wrapped chicken breasts in mushroom sauce in the slow cooker. Recipe courtesy of Teddy via his Saturday Baking w/ Bacon recipes. Our Christmas dinners are never tradiotional either, we usually have a Low Country Boil.
    I can’t believe how many things we loved were discontinued this year!
    I will be thinking of you today, I am having my first Starbucks holiday hot coffee this afternoon!

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  5. Deflated and inflated inflatables have a way of scaring me all of the time.
    My co-worker just purchased 15 cans of a hair product that is being discontinued. God bless the day those run dry.
    I’m 100000000000% on board for breaking traditions that no longer serve me. It’s just us this year for Thanksgiving, and I’m thrilled. There are 354 other days we can break bread with family.

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  6. We had fried chicken for our Gobble Fest at brother Bob’s yesterday, but we’ll serve turkey on Thursday.

    John had a rare gift, too. Every shipping company he worked for went out of business, so he got a job at Borders. It closed on his 70th birthday.

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    • Not a fan of shopping these days. Lots of on-line research, then disappointment. I don’t think we’ll have meat leftovers but I will get a small turkey breast to make on the weekend. It’s boneless and just enough for a meal and a sandwich the day after.

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  7. It’s just the two of us this year so we picked up a “meal kit” from Costco today. Turkey breast and all the fixings. The only thing missing is someone to wash the dishes. I’m not crazy about turkey per se but I do like turkey sandwiches on the following days. Hubby bought a whole Costco-sized pumpkin pie. I don’t care for it so it’s all his.

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  8. I made Cranberry Orange Sauce today, Kate ~ instead of cranberries, sugar, and plain water . . . I revised the recipe on the bag and used cranberries, sugar, and fresh squeezed orange juice with the pulp. It is the BEST cranberry sauce I have ever tasted. YUM!!!

    I’ll also make mashed potatoes, vegetarian gravy, roasted sweet potatoes for dinner at my sister’s house in Orlando. They’re in charge of appetizers, a green vegetable, and dessert. My niece might bring ham, turkey, or chicken for her generation of guests.

    Sorry that deflated turkey keeps bumming you out every morning.

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  9. There was some discussion about a traditional or non-traditional menu for Thanksgiving. My family likes exotic food of all kinds, but since I’m hosting, I decided and bought the turkey. We will be 8 people–just right for my table.

    Yikes! Inflate the scary-looking turkey or pilgrim already.

    Novelty and new designs are fine, but when we finally find the just-right thing, we’d love to be able to go back and get another one.

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  10. I’ve always viewed the world through a prism of night owls vs. early risers. My family is mixed, though I think most of them are early risers. We went out to a vintage store today that has always been quite reasonable (porcelain nicknacks, jewelry, etc. for my wife; books, vinyl, CD’s for me). But we noticed that everything we each looked at was super expensive. I’m never sure if it’s inflation or just seasonal greed. – Marty

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    • Hard to tell these days. So much inflation going on. I bought something today and was blown away by the shipping cost. I almost passed on it but I have a coupon code with paid for the shipping plus a little more and I couldn’t buy the thing locally.

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  11. I have the same touch as you, Kate. As soon as I find something/someplace I really like, it gets discontinued or the restaurant/shop goes out of business. I feel the urge to stock upon certain products, just in case…but that’s the way of the hoarder, and I don’t want to go down that road! I guess I need to get less attached to material things…that’s the (hard) lesson for me. I hope you have a lovely, cozy Thanksgiving eating all your favourite foods!


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  12. I live alone, so cooking a ‘feast’ is no fun just for me. I’ve gone to my bestie’s home, but it’s turkey breast in a crockpot, jarred gravy, no stuffing/dressing, no cranberry sauce, no sweet potatoes. In fact, the only reason it’s not instant potatoes is if I’m willing to mash them! Anymore, I just make a good homecooked meal of whatever I’m hungry for that day. I have a very small kitchen and am sans dishwasher, and when I hosted Christmas Day, I did the whole kit and caboodle, which was a lot of work (and then, they expected to be able to take leftovers home since there are 3 of them and only 1 of me!) and I spent hours cleaning up afterwards! I will get a 3-lb turkey breast to keep in my freezer for when I’m in a turkey meal mood!

    Enjoy your meal, whatever it is!

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    • Unless the companionship is great, the bestie doesn’t sound much better than a cafeteria. Our local grocery stores and restaurants offer a small meal for those less inclined to cook. In our home stuffing, not turkey, is the star of the show. It has to be homemade (not kits) and the potato stuffing (no sausage or other mystery meat). Sweets of course and cranberry sauce. One year I made a “healthy” salad and no one ate it!

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  13. I am all for making whatever you want on T-Day. Other than mashed potatoes, there’s not much traditional that I really love. Although there are cool new spins with some traditional dishes–pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust, a cranberry tart, a savory pumpkin tart, etc.

    I actually like the appetizers best: deviled eggs, baked brie, or anything else with cheese!

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