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Today is the beloved husband’s birthday. It’s a big one. Really a BIG ONE! In days of yore, we would do large celebrations but today will be low key.

We are both early risers but we like to start the day slowly. That’s a change from bouncing out of bed ready to conquer the world. (Remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to see what our present was? Good times!)

Originally, we were going to start the day with breakfast out. That’s something we both enjoy. Eggs and nice smelly bacon! Yum. However, during the getting up and ready process we decided to have breakfast for lunch. That allows us to ease into the day slowly (and me to have my morning mocha!).

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’m cooking, dinner will be simple too. My energy only goes so far. His ability to stay awake only lasts so long! We are a perfect fit at least most of the time.

Here she is at her 90th birthday party three years ago

As a gift, there were obituaries. Several people we know died in the past week or so. One was the exact same age as the beloved husband, We are extra thankful he is upright and healthy, strumming his guitar and drinking his beer.

Tomorrow we will celebrate his and my sister-in-law’s (hers was Tuesday) birthdays with a festive meal.  We will be grateful all of us old coots are still upright and laughing. It’s a blessing.

Wishing you all find something special to celebrate and be grateful for.

61 thoughts on “More passages

  1. Well Happy Birthday to your hubby and your sister-in-law…..nice to have multiple things to celebrate together isn’t it. I’m doing the whole turkey dinner thing but it will just be me and my guy. We have very little family and while both my Mom and Dad had December birthdays, they’ve both been gone for many years. When I was a little girl though we always went out searching for our annual Christmas tree on December 19th – my Mom’s birthday…….and I still put our tree up here at home on the 19th “for her”. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kate!

    Hugs, Pam

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  2. Happy Birthday to the BH! That’s a lovely sounding, mellow day. Since spouse has his birthday this weekend, I am trying to space out the cooking. Today is the maple cream pie, tomorrow another dessert, and Friday and Saturday are the time-consuming cake.

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    • Wish I was your next door neighbor! All your stuff sounds lovely! I think my brother is bringing an ice cream cake to celebrate. I’m doing the meal and he’s doing dessert. I picked up some good apples so maybe an apple pie over the weekend but I don’t have time today.

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  3. Congrats and happy birthday to the BH and the SIL! You guys are definitely doing something right – both look great. Keep up the good work, and celebrate every moment, as slowly as you like! I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful – sounds like you are already giving plenty of thanks…


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  4. Because music has always been a part of my life, and passing of a singer is always a loss. I was born in 1946, and what is rather disconcerting now are the number of singers/musicians who were born around that same year who are no longer with us. Even worse when they were born later! Also, our parks have many trees that have been dedicated to “departed” individuals, and I am now noticing large numbers of recent plaques showing birth dates after 1946. Nothing like regular reminders about how fragile life is eh!

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  5. Happy birthday to the Beloved Husband and your SIL too. Every day that we wake up and can get out of bed and greet the day is a good one. I am especially grateful for our semi-retirement this year, so that on Thanksgiving Day we just have a few visits, and will have time to actually celebrate the day. In the past 15 years we squeezed a quick pre-prepared turkey meal in where we could. We’re still doing the prepared dinner, prepared by a local restaurant we love who provides full T-day dinners each year, but we have a leisurely day in which to enjoy all of it. And the weather will even be decent. Woo hoo

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