Sassy cats – Adjustments

That’s Gracie in the front. She’s not too happy about this.

With the completion of our office project, I moved my office from the second floor to the first floor. Moving stuff isn’t as hard as changing cat routines. Gracie was my office cat. As soon as I was in my chair, her butt was in my face. Her paws were on my keyboard. There always was some chaos until she settled down. The question is would she move downstairs or prefer to stay upstairs in what is now officially the cat room. There is a cat tree and multiple beds up there along with food. Peaceful. Comfy.

Gracie and Sasha in a moment of peaceful sharing.

I was enough of the attraction. She moved down with me. At this moment she is standing on the back of my chair precariously balanced looking out the window. There is a huge double window next to my desk which all the cats (except Morgan) love. It was originally Gus’s spot when the loveseat was under it. Now it’s a competition between Sasha and Gracie and occasionally Gus. Sometimes they share and sometimes they rumble. Despite Gracie’s small size (half the size of Sasha) she gives as good as she gets.

Harmony has been restored along with cat chaos on my desk.

Gracie: Get these other cats off of my window!

Next up, I bought Gus a new bed. The old one was ratty, but he loved it. He is very cautious about the new one and has not hopped in it. I’m keeping the receipt. If he doesn’t love it in a week, it’s going back. I have too many beds to keep one that is not popular.

That’s it for cat town. Gracie will be back next week. Hopefully she’s winning at the casino today.

53 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Adjustments

  1. Not surprised Gracie moved with you to the new office digs. New beds are always ignored here unless I toss them in the dryer with a couple of dryer sheets for a while so they don’t have that “on a shelf or in a box for months” smell!

    Hugs, Pam

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  2. I always think of us peeps having to adjust to a new house but the cats are adjusting too. They are doing good. I think I am still adjusting but I am beginning to feel at home… it’s a roller coaster. It takes some time as we get older. Nice to see them all relaxing… it relaxes me to see them so content!

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    • They’ve done well especially considering that their food station and litter box has been moved a few times. They don’t like when the food station is moved and will sit at the old spot for a while before moving on to where the food actually is!


    • Last night! I had his old bed too close to the fireplace for him so he went over and jumped into the new one! It fits him better and would actually fit two cats (Sasha occasionally snuggles up with Gus). I was going to take it back today but we scored!


  3. So glad Gracie moved to the new office with you. I bet they will all be glad to settle for awhile with no big projects in the offing. You could all a break, two legged and four legged alike.

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    • Gracie is doing fabulous. Far better than I expected. At my last house, Mollie was the upstairs cat and I could never get her to hang out downstairs except when there was a fire in the fireplace.


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