Sassy cats — and the ears have it

Gracie here. We are still dealing with ear stuff. I got medicine and cleanings all week so my ear is getting better. Gus will not let anyone near him. He can smell deception. He won’t even jump in the peep’s lap for scratchies. The peep says when I’m ok she will focus on him. It’s even harder to do with a contractor in the house all day.

Medicating Gus is as close to this as you can get!

The new project has disrupted Gus and Sasha’s eating spot so it had to be moved. They adjusted fast but Gus’s vantage point to watch the squirrels was blocked. He is using the music conservatory for squirrel watching now. At least until the ding dong contractor is done.

Gracie and Sasha sort of sharing the zoom groom thingie!

We all wish you a great weekend!




37 thoughts on “Sassy cats — and the ears have it

  1. Gracie – I vote you get extra treats as it has been a rough year for you with your medical issues. I hope the contractor gets out of Dodge and normalcy is restored for all of you, including Gus who had to change his vantage point for squirrel watching until this latest project is a done deal.

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  2. I’m sorry to read about Gracie’s continued fight with the ear stuff. I want to know how and why pets are psychic about vet visits. All of my cats, to some degree, had this ability. Charlie was the least likely to worry about it. Other cats disappeared and made us miss appointments. I hope she is doing better when next she writes.

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  3. Teddy finally got a “much better” report from our vet with his last ear check. The yeast meds are working – we can go from once a day to every other day. Progress! The polyps are another matter….apparently they can be caused by food allergies (who knew?) – so Ted’s on another prescription food which he (fortunately) loves. It’s always something. Hope this contractor gets the work done for you and is out of there before you feel like he’s moved in like the last crew (tee hee).

    Hugs, Pam

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    • I envy you! If I can clear Gracie up, it’s once a week. Gus has been so problematic. I was able to clean and medicate twice last week but he won’t let me near this week. I got a little mini-clean this morning but no meds. He is a big strong cat and he don’t do what he don’t want to do. Do you refrigerate your meds? If you do, do you let them come to room temperature before dropping them in the ear?


      • My hubby has to hold Ted (no small feet for a 28 lb. squirming cat who hates to be held) and I put the drops in Ted’s ears (quickly). They don’t need refrigerating but he has had to take refrigerated meds and I’ve let them come to room temp as I know I wouldn’t like something COLD in my ear! LOL We also have to suffer through the “I HATE YOU!” phase after we give him the ear meds…..LOL

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  4. Ear gunk can be super tough to get rid of, as you know. Z Cat had ear gunk issues but she really had ear mites that homesteaded in her ears. Our vet had to finally bring out the big guns of mite killers and we finally got those little monsters. Gracie, you are good to let your Peep medicate your icky ears.. good girl. I feel for you Kate with Gus! Ding dong contractor?… you haven’t had enough punishment?

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    • The job is going well. Day two and the framing is done and drywall up and it’s only 3. Hoping for the first coat of spackle but not sure if that will happen. Still, it’s ok although that’s not what the cats would say. The vet said they weren’t mites. I sure hope she was right. I’ve had cats with mites. They have a drop that covers mites along with fleas and ticks. I don’t do flea meds because my cats don’t go out. Haven’t had any issues since Jake is gone.

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  5. Veterinary deception. 🤣 Now that cracked me up. Your kitties are too clever. I think the dogs are more easily deceived. They’re fine until we pull up to the parking lot and then they have that “uh-oh moment.” Too late, bucko.

    Here’s hoping the ears begin to improve soon.

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    • My cats can smell it. Gus, who previous to the ear flare up climbed in my lap every time I sat down, refuses to let me touch him. He knows what q-tips are used for and what the ear stuff bottles look like. Gracie doesn’t run although she doesn’t like it. Sasha doesn’t run either, only Gus.

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  6. Well . . . we finally have contractor woes of my own to report. Our garage door is shot. We’ve called 3 places and it will be 10 weeks (or longer) to get a new door. In the meantime, we must park outside and maneuver our bikes and garbage cans through the narrow side door and down the sidewalk and then thread them through the 2 cars parked in the driveway.

    Not ideal, but . . . at least we still have a house, a garage, and 2 cars. And we are unlikely to have snow or frost to deal with in the interim. 😀

    Hope the ears clear up soon for ALL the cats!

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    • A friend of mine locally had to wait 3 months for a garage door. Who knew that they were a supply chain issue! Good news about everything else though. The ears will never completely clear. Gus and Gracie have chronic ear issues and a bad attitude about ear drops.


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