Sassy cats – Follow up on Gracie, lava chunks and mice

Gracie: I was at the vet! What a revolting development that was!

Gracie and I went to the vet on Monday. We both sang. I sang oldies with the radio and she sang the song on her people. She sang in the office too. She’s eight pounds. People had 80-pound dogs that didn’t make as much noise. That’s my girl!

The noise got her a room right away (squeaky wheel?). They were very busy. We had a half hour wait. Wisely I brought along her zoom groom thingie and a blankie and we had a little spa time. She still had the shaky thing going on (you know how animals shake when they are scared) but she was purring through it.

They took samples of lava excavated from her ear canal. Bad infection. They cleared out chunks and goo. (No pictures! You’re welcome!) They almost needed a backhoe to get it out.

Gus: So glad it’s not me. The peep sticks her nose in my ears sometimes to make sure nothing is going on. Really rude!

I had brought Gus’s medication from last summer when he had an ear boo-boo and it was good for Gracie too. (That saved some money!) They did a cytology of ear goo, the cleaning and administered some meds. I forked over my 401(k)-retirement plan.

Some surprises – she’s a different cat. It’s like I brought the wrong cat home but her songs were the same and she was missing the left eye. She no longer hides and eats outrageous amounts of food (for an 8 lb. cat!). She even demands (and gets) a second helping. This is Miss Picky we are talking about!

I clean her ears with cleaner every other day (heaven help me! I already have arms full of scratches) and put medication in twice a day (she doesn’t mind that although I approach from her blind side). Today’s cleaning again yielded lava chunks, but they are getting a little smaller. She must have had solid gunk in her ear.

There is nothing like cat stuff going on to disrupt your week. As if that wasn’t enough, there is a mouse in the basement. He’s hiding under the treadmill and there are three cats circling. (Gracie isn’t into mice this time around. Her week was hectic enough.) I have my mouse rescue kit (a deli cup and a piece of cardboard) on the treadmill so maybe later.

We all wish you a great, mouse-less, ear gunkless weekend!

Home sweet home!

62 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Follow up on Gracie, lava chunks and mice

  1. Poor Gracie, and poor you, Kate. Trips to the vet are stressful no matter what. I wonder if you can tell if she has any pain in her ear when it gets like this? I did cringe along with you at the mention of expense. We really do need to get Zena to the vet this month for a rabies booster. But she’s 14 years old and the vet is going to want to do more in a check up, and I dread the discussion. I want her to be well cared for until the very end, but hunting for trouble isn’t reasonable either. I love our vet and yet I still hate going to see him. I think our pets must feel very much the same! I hope Gracie does well now, poor dear!

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    • Yes, at her last blood work (when she got her vaccines) one of her values was high. They interpreted that to mean she had some infection but didn’t know what or where. They gave me pills (you can’t pill her) so after on wrestling match which ended badly for both of us, I decided to bag it. Unless they can be more specific I don’t want to treat her for something she may have.


  2. We had a poodle with ear issues – I might have mentioned that before. Weekly trips to the vet and medicine for it. Gracie – take care and ask for special treats and a new blue-checked box to help you get over your “ear-itis” okay?

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  3. Sorry to hear Gracie has some ear gunk going on. I think if someone was digging around in my ear, I would take a swipe at them. You are a good and patient, cat mama. Seems the mice would put a warning sign in your basement about multiple cats residing there.

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  4. Oh Gracie must really feel so much better with gunkless ears! I think I told you Teddy has ear issues too….and polyps on top of that. He really hates anyone but the vet to mess with his ears – he tolerates the vet (he loves him). Hopefully she will settle down and the “new Gracie” will be here to stay!!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • She is. Since Monday she has come a long way. There was still gunk in the eye this morning but not near as much. She’s ok for the medicated ear drops but she fights me to clean it. Maybe the cleaning solution stings. In any case it’s all doing it’s job.


  5. I am glad they excavated the goop from Gracie’s ear. Actually, I would not have minded seeing the goop pictures! Good to hear that the lava chunks are decreasing in size. You are such a good cat Mom giving her a little spa time while you waited for the V-E-T. Now that you have Gracie on the road to getting better you can let out a big sigh and concentrate on the mouse in the house… er, basement.

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    • Mouse still here as far as I know. No sign of body parts. All cats are sleeping in various places and although two are in the basement, they are on chairs and not hovering around anything. Today’s cleanout was better than Wednesday’s so that’s all I can hope for.


  6. Miss Picky is eating! Welp, cats keep you guessing. I remember having to clean out one of our cat’s ears. She was not helpful nor cooperative. HOWEVER she perked up shortly thereafter without even a paw wave of thanks.

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  7. I hang onto all the animal meds, too. Sometimes they come in handy for the next pet, although my vet also donates partially used medications to a sea rescue organization. Kind of nice to think my dog’s pain meds are helping out a sea lion.

    Glad Gracie is better!

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  8. What a rotten week for Miss Gracie! I am glad you had a 401(k) just lying around in order to get a good ear cleaning. I really hope she feels better and the infection completely goes away. The eating is a good sign.

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  9. Gracie has my sympathy – I don’t like people messing with my ears either! Hmmm, I wonder if I start scratching at the ENT doctor he’ll stop messing with them? I’m glad you at least saved some money on the medication! Hope the mouse gets caught and Gracie gets better real soon!

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