Sassy cats — Company gone!

Sasha had a tough week. We have a house guest so she had to hide. All. The. Time. She came out for food and treats but only if no one was around. I set up impromptu feeding stations for her depending on where she was hiding. The guest wasn’t on the highway yet when she came strutting out saying, “Finally!”

Now she can focus on trashing the easter bunny that is sitting on the coffee table. She needs to teach it a thing or two!

Bunny your days are numbered!

Wishing you all a great weekend.

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Company gone!

  1. Both Charlie and Zoe have decided to come out and glare at visitors. Zoe likes to rub on their shoes as a way of tricking them to try and pet her. She has very fast paws. Most people who visit have been known to them for years, in fact one friend cared for them twice daily when I was in the hospital for several months. When I got home, you’d think they had never met her before.

    Cats are unique beings and we love them for it.

    Did the bunny survive Easter?

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    • The bunny survived. No one touched it. Considering it’s made out of straw, one of their favorites, I’m surprised. Gracie likes to paw people’s shoes too. Sasha is the only one who won’t come out when someone is here. Her foster mom is visiting in about 2 weeks and she won’t even come out for her.

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  2. Sasha must be so relieved! I have a good friend with two cats that are the light of her life. I have never actually seen them. LOL! Maybe a blur here and there, but that’s it. Hope Sasha is happy now. πŸ™‚

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    • The folks who stay a few days are always harder for her as she won’t come out to eat unless they are out or sleeping. I keep hoping one of these days, she’ll get better. My old cat Jake was just like her and as he aged he got much better with people.


  3. I have had Teddy for over 10 years and some people visit me often who have never seen him. When someone knocks on the door he heads for the closet and doesn’t come out until they are gone. Jack also heads for the closet, but after a while, he comes out to see what’s going on. Sophie? Well, she has to be in the middle of everything from hello to goodbye.

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    • I adopted Sasha because the rescue couldn’t adopt her out. She would hide from potential adopters so I took her sight unseen. Some cats are just weird like that. She is so friendly with us and I can’t figure it out. The person who was here this week has been here (and around her) often but she still hides. Maybe if she was here full time for a month Sasha would get over it. I don’t know.


      • I was told that Teddy had been abused. I adopted him when he was only 4 or 5 months old so whatever happened in those months must have been awful. The first two weeks he was here I never saw him. He ate and used the litter box when I wasn’t around. Then one night I woke up and he was sleeping next to me and that’s where he has slept ever since.❣

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  4. I’m sure Sasha is happy to have “her” house back. Teddy doesn’t mind company but does seem to EXPECT them to pay attention to him. He visits everyone and elicits pets or an acknowledgement of his royal presence in some way. After greeting everybody he disappears for a while then comes back for “Round 2″……….!

    Hugs, Pam

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      • She has always been that way. It is why she never would have gotten adopted had she not gotten out of the group situation so someone had a chance of meeting her. As a long haired beautiful cat she should have gotten adopted very quickly, but hiding behind the washing machine at the sanctuary prevented that. So glad you found her!!

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