Sassy cats – Cat odds and ends

Gracie here. I’m back and feeling better. I get some goo smeared on my flank a couple of times a week and everything seems to keep moving. No pills. All good. The portal to hell is packed away.

The V-E-T told the peep to feed me pumpkin. I wasn’t sure what kind of animal that was. It’s an orange animal. Totally disgusting but Sasha loves it. The peep put some mixed with cat food out for me. As soon as I did my “are you kidding me” routine and spun around, Sasha had snuck in and eaten it all. Maybe I should have tasted it but I’ve never seen an orange animal. Don’t ever trust V-E-Ts.

I started to chase Gus around. He’s so big and I’m so small. I’m keeping him in shape. The doofus doesn’t get enough exercise. Smooching with Sasha is not exercise. Neither is hogging the best sun puddles.

The peep made tuna salad this week. As soon as that tuna can was opened there was a feline stampede to get first in line for the juice. She gave me first choice (I’m gonna milk this sick thing) but I stuck my nose in the air after a couple of swallows. This time Morgan got her fair share and Sasha got a lick or two. Gus slept through it. The peep is talking about getting some tuna cat food for Morgan. She was so excited she jumped up on the counter while the peep was opening the can. We never do that, not when the peep is around! 😊

Well, it’s been fun but the casinos are calling. Gotta go! Maybe I’ll play craps today. They love when I jump on the table and push the dice around.

Sasha with a monstrous yawn!

Have a great weekend!

46 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Cat odds and ends

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Gracie, but when it comes to pumpkin, the phrase “you snooze, you lose” comes to mind! Next time, you’d better get in there and give it a try! Our tortoise Darwin loves it. You might, too!

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  2. Good going Gracie – feeling like your old self again and back to writing posts. I didn’t know tuna juice was such a treat until your Peep wrote about it. And to think most people put it down the drain. Such a waste isn’t it?

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  3. Gracie, so thankful you are feeling better! Our Holly cat had to have laxatone and it did the trick. I think milking the sick thing is a good plan. I can just see the Sassy Stampede to the kitchen for tuna juice, tails straight up in the air, anticipation in first gear!

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  4. Good to hear Gracie is feeling better. It is so difficult when a catkid isn’t feeling their usual self. They don’t speak human and we don’t speak feline, so it’s hard to figure out what’s what.

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    • I still can’t believe she was just constipated. She spent her days upstairs, sometimes hiding all day. Now she’s out and about and agitating trouble just like she used to. Sometimes I can’t believe she’s 8. We don’t really know how old she is but she’s been here 5 years and she was an adult cat who had kittens.


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  6. Leave it to the cat that doesn’t need the pumpkin to be the one that eats the stuff! We’re all glad that Ms. Gracie is feeling better anyway. Neither Charlie nor Zoe really like tuna, not even the no-water, no-oil expensive kind preferred by the people in this house. Kitties prefer white fish and shrimp and maybe sometimes salmon. Well, kitties actually prefer chicken, chicken and more chicken. Fishies being a sometimes food.

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  7. Gracie so happy you’re feeling better….I say squeeze as many treats out of the sick thing as you can….! Angel Sammy loved tuna water – I think I’m weird because I don’t like tuna or the water. I also don’t like my new vet-prescribed food. I’m making a big deal about it too – THE BIG POUT (my Mom calls it). I’ll get used to it, but I’ll milk it for all its’ worth in the meantime.

    Hugs, Teddy

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    • Cats are weird. I did a half and half mix of cat food and pumpkin. Then I thought that was probably too much pumpkin but she really wolfed it down! Cats are weird. I had mixed rice in Hazel’s (RIP) food too. She learned how to eat around it but she got some.

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  8. I think Gracie has stepped up from being a diva to being a prima donna. Shame on her for milking the sick thing only when it’s convenient for her! At least the others are more than willing to eat the things that Gracie chooses to stick her nose up at!

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  9. I suspect there isn’t anything that Sasha won’t eat!! Sorry Gracie didn’t go for the pumpkin but I’m glad the Laxatone is working and not a trial to administer.

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    • Sasha isn’t eating as much as she was. That’s good as she’s a chonker. I want to google pumpkin to see if it’s good for her. She doesn’t have any digestive issues. Just could use some weight management or maybe more exercise.


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