Sassy cats — More or less on Gracie

Gracie enjoying the afterglow between the bed pillows.

Gracie here. The peep haz a sads. She picked up a new medicine for my barfing and I won’t take it. It’s compounded to taste good and smells like vanilla but I’m not having any of it. Smells like a house freshener. How can you eat something like that? I can’t be pilled either. Not without a bloody battle. I continue to barf.

I’m hearing talk of “second opinion.” Don’t know what that means but she’s been on the line with Dr. Google to do her research. If the portal to hell comes out, I’ll know there’s another vet trip. I’m practicing my vocals so I can serenade her. I’ll start with my usual Carmen but move onto something from Cats or maybe Le Miz!

The only good news is that the vet said to hold off on the dental until the other issues are resolved. Yay!

Have a great weekend!

Here is Sasha being Sasha.

60 thoughts on “Sassy cats — More or less on Gracie

  1. Tyler won’t take most pills either. He slobbers like a Saint Bernard even if I get it all the way down his throat like for literally an hour. Especially some horrible tasting antibiotic. That one I encase in the small size capsules after I empty the powder on his food from his Cosequin, and add a dap of butter to help it slide down. His daily gaba is in a fish compound. Yum Yum, just an extra $35 a month to have it mixed correctly in fish mix.

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    • I had to put the antibiotic in a gelcap for Mollie too. It’s amazing how they can spit something out when you are not looking. So far I’m getting her to lick the laxatone paste easily. I expected her to roll on things (like furniture). It’s icky sticky so fortunately she hasn’t done that. If I had to give her a pill, I’d try to crush in the laxatone or have it compounded in a lickable gel.

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    • I may be luckier if I crushed it into her laxatone and smeared it on her fur. At this point, I’m not giving her a steroid she doesn’t need. I’ll revisit if I have to. I wouldn’t think that vanilla would be a good flavor to use when compounding for cats.

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  3. My very difficult cat happily takes pill pockets. Who would have thought? Her comrade in arms was jealous of her special treats and now takes pill pockets as well, although he hasn’t had any with pills in them. Both of them get injectable anti-nausea and long acting antibiotics when needed. I’ve not had a cat I could force pills or liquid meds down in a long time. Mostly because they’re pretty smart and I can’t catch them.

    I hope Gracie is feeling much better soon..

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    • Thanks for the info. Good to know anti-nausea comes injectable. I’ve had the covenia antibiotic shot especially for this cat as there is no way I’m getting a pill down. It has been years so I thought perhaps now that she’s older. Nope, not old enough! The portal to hell is coming out today for tomorrow’s vet trip. For some reason all the cats are scarce. Hope I can find her at the proper time. 🙂 As for pill pockets, I’ve only had 2 cats that would eat them. I probably should start them early as a treat so when I need to use them, they will be eager to eat them. They do learn how to spit out the pill. I had a dog that did that too. Pets be pets.

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  4. I hope you find an answer on Monday about Gracie’s barfing. Gracie, hoping you feel better soon. Injectable was always my choice for the Z Cat. Not one pill ever made it to her tummy. That picture of Sasha is awesome! My eyebrows are all but gone but her eyebrow whiskers are impressive!

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    • I’ve had cats that were difficult to pill but Gracie is the queen of all that. You can’t even get in the side where there are no teeth. Injectables and transdermal applications in the ear work best for her.


    • I’m not sure if she’s nauseous. Vomiting is one side. She has high elevated white blood cells that signal inflammation and she may have crystals in her urine. Vet visit on Monday to revisit the whole thing. She may have separate issues or some or all may be related to one thing. The pill that she won’t take is a steroid for the inflammation. Getting any medicine in her through the mouth is a no go. I saw that cerenia also has an injectable form.


  5. Have you tried the probiotic FortiFora? I put it on my cat’s food a couple of times a week. Jack hasn’t barfed since I started giving it to him. You can get the plain FortiFlora (what I use) at a pet store, but other types require a vet’s Rx.

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  6. One of our cats loved yogurt which she could smell from upstairs and would arrive at light speed. Our last cat would eat crushed tablets in cat soup. I hope you get an answer to the barfing soon.

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  7. I was lucky in that my previous cat who had daily meds loved yogurt but before that when it was a pill I had to grind it up and put a blob of tuna on it. Most any “sneaky” method you use eventually gets figured out by our too danged smart cats!! I hope they can try some other smell at the compound pharmacy.

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Dr. Google says it can be compounded into a transdermal paste to rub on the inside of the ear. No oral entry at all! Yep they figure it out. I gave this same pill to Hazel in a pill pocket. She and Jake were my only cats who ate pill pockets. Eventually, she learned that she could eat the pill pocket and spit out the pill. Vanilla isn’t popular in my house. Couldn’t get any of my cats to eat yogurt either.

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  8. I have to grind up Boss Cat’s flea medication and mix it in with wet food and gravy and only feed it to her when she’s really hungry…and still she might only eat half.

    The dog, of course, thinks wet food and pill pockets sprinkled with fleas meds are awesome. So awesome that he’ll climb up on top of the dryer to at them.

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