Sassy cats — Hanging in

Gracie here. This was a very busy week for the peeps and so much went wrong. There were good things though and they tried to focus on that. One good thing is that they have me, a wonderful cat! I’m sure the lady peep will make an epic post about it all.

In the meantime, we all wish you a great weekend!

50 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Hanging in

    • When I lost my beloved Mollie in May 2020, I thought it would be wise to downsize. I’m getting older and at this point any young cat has a good chance of outliving me. I still had three so it’s not like I was down to none. Then a 3 year old ginger needed a home. I’m a soft touch but it was such a pleasant surprise to see him bond with Sasha. I’ve never had two cats like them before.

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  1. Gracie – my mom used to have a saying “I like me, who do you like?” It is good to have a good opinion of yourself … I agree, but are you sure you don’t want to mention those cutie patooties at the end of your post. They look like wonderful cats too. I will stay tuned for this week’s debacle.

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  2. cuddle those dear little ones and let them comfort you – they are so lucky to have you and it is time to lean on them a bit. and thanks for the reminder to focus on the good.
    have a nice weekend.

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  3. And we with you a better week next week. So sorry things aren’t going great right now. I’m picking up 5 new kittens this evening if you need some more to keep you company.

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  4. Kate, I wish I could make the whole dang mess go away for you. Or at least have SSNS make a pitcher of Margaritas for you, he makes good Margaritas!!!! Gracie, keep the other Sassy Cats on their best behavior and give the Lady Peep a break. Run your purr motor and comfort her and be as angelic as Sasha and Gus look in the picture.

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