Sassy cats — Starring Sasha

Hi! Sasha here! Gracie is Christmas shopping or maybe napping. Something like that. Here I am on the new chair. The peep has them all shrouded although Gracie barfed on the towel. It was a spectacular rolf. It dripped down onto the carpet. She got an “A” for that!

We are still in kitchen chaos and I have to sleep somewhere safe during the day. You never know when a stranger will come in. Here is a picture of me and Pops. The lady peep wasn’t fast enough. She never is but you get the idea. He loves me.

No week is complete without a picture of me and my main squeeze.

Ok, it’s our backside (which the peep seems to get all the time!). Gus has the chair and I have the ottoman.

We all wish you a great weekend!

49 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Starring Sasha

  1. Awww, love the picture of you and Pops♥ Cat barf and cat poop, always two interesting topics. The more surfaces the barf manages to cover the better… right Sasha? Wishing all the Sassy Cats a barfless weekend… I am wondering how many times I can say barf in this comment (!} You and Gus look good together even from the back.

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