Sassy cats — The greeting committee

This is what they look like.

Gracie here: New chairs! First to hurl a hairball is the winner.

The dining chairs the peep ordered seven months ago finally came. They are virgin chairs. No one has barfed on them yet.

They are stored in an upstairs bedroom until the kitchen is done. All of us spent considerable time smelling them. There were interesting smells. The delivery man may have a dog.Β  Or maybe he stepped in dog poop. Hard to say. It wasn’t long before the chairs looked like this.And this!

The peep covered them with towels. We have a contest to see who barfs first. It’s usually me but Morgan and Gus were giving it a try. Sasha has been smelling but so far no nap. They will remain shrouded until they make their public debut around the new table. The peep wants them clean at least for the first day. No worry though. One of us will toss a hairball. It’s just a matter of time! Place your bets!

Gracie here. Over and out!

PS: It would have been awesome if they came in boxes! Just sayin’

50 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The greeting committee

    • Yes and they love stretching across two of them. I saw Sasha stretched out sleeping yesterday but it was dark and I couldn’t get a good picture. I had to buy the chairs from a catalog. None on the sales floor. I hate buying like that but I really like them.


    • Towels are a necessity! Protects, covers up and cleans up. What else can multi-task like that. Also good in place of cat bed in carrier for the old ones that pee when they get nervous. Our table took 4 months and a desk chair is coming next week. That only took 2 months. It was worth it though and we can’t use it now until the kitchen is done.

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  1. A short subliminal message for the furry felines:

    Cats! Yes, I am speaking to the FOUR of you. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT barf on the new chairs until AFTER they are initiated at the table.

    We now return to our regularly scheduled program . . .

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