Sassy cats — Keeping up

After a week of meds, Gus’s ear is much better but it’s not completely gone. There is still black gook in there. I will continue to clean and put drops in but not twice a day. We’ve both been traumatized. He’s a strong and difficult cat to medicate.

On one occasion, I caught him as he was eating dinner. Snagged him but he wiggled and he ended up in his food dish with wet cat food all over his belly. Yes I got the ear drops in but he was totally freaked and spent the night cleaning his fur. Now he’s a cautious eater always thinking someone will blindside him. I stopped catching him at dinner time and found that it was easier after dinner when he was in his food coma. He’s much slower then.

A funny thing happened though. His girlfriend started to eat out of the same dish. I wondered if she was being an opportunist or if she was making it difficult to impossible to catch him at dinnertime. I think it was collusion. Cats take care of their own.  In the meantime, today Sasha is going to the vet for her shots. She will need consoling when she gets back. I’m sure Gus is up to the challenge.

54 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Keeping up

  1. Poor Gus. Can’t even have a quiet meal with his lady without someone taking advantage of it. But I do understand. Teddy and Jack are sweet cats that become monsters when things aren’t to their liking.

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  2. Churu and all the other liquid/pate treats work miracles in keeping cats’ attention focused on THEM and not on whatever else is happening at the time like other meds, ear cleaning, etc. Ted loves that stuff!

    Hugs, Pam

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  3. I like Debra’s suggestion… cats love Churu, it’s magic. I betrayed Z Cat’s tiny trust at the end because I had to give her shots. She was hiding under the dining room table all the time. I don’t think it was giving her the shot but how the shot felt after getting it in her system. I felt awful. If Churu would have been around then, I am pretty sure I could have done the shot while SSNS squeezed up the Churu. I definitely think Sasha and Gus were in cohoots! HAHAHA!

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