Sassy cats — Vet day

I know a secret!

Sasha here! This week the pet carrier came out. It’s sitting in the family room. It doesn’t belong there so that only means one thing — Vet Day! But who…I used my private investigator skills.

Several of us are due for vaccines but which one will be going today? Morgan! She seems to not know or not care. She doesn’t usually sing the song of our people in the car. Don’t worry though. I more than make up for it when it’s my turn. I know I’m on the list. We all are. Last year was crazy with closures and not allowing owners in the vet building. Then Mollie got sick and died; Gracie had a bad tooth; and Morgan broke her leg. The peep had vet overload and needed a break. Some of our vaccines lapsed (we don’t go outside) but over the new few weeks we will each have our vet trip.ย 

Pre-vet bath!

Post-vet nap! It was exhausting!

Note from the peep: Morgan did indeed sing the song of her people all the way over but was quiet on the way back. She is very healthy and now updated on all her shots. She got a mousie from the vet. The question is who will get to play with it?

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend. It’s the last one of August so make the best of it!

48 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Vet day

  1. I love that “sing the song of our people”!
    Vet day for Molly here today…she knows something is up. We managed to car visit her to keep her up to date, but it wan’t ideal…no one is allowed to get too close to the car
    Being able to actually go inside with her will make a much lower stress for all
    Tiny steps back to normal

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    • After Mollie died last spring I refused to send my cat in with the vet without me. Fortunately when Gracie had a loose tooth I was ok sending her in as it was simple. The vet touched the tooth and it fell out (charged $200 for that touch). Gracie would let me do that. I tried. When Morgan broke her leg I found a large vet practice that allowed people in. Their premises were bigger so people weren’t close. I now have two more cats with expired vaccines to be taken care of so someone will go every month until we are caught up. Fortunately my cats don’t go out so I’m not concerned about expired rabies shots as the effectiveness lasts longer than the time frame between shots. Good luck to Molly! Going inside is best.

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  2. The “song of our people” is a tune we all know! Dogs don’t typically “sing” on their way to the Vet, They just look scared to death! You did have a lot of veterinary woes last year, Kate. I’m glad Morgan’s trip to the vet is over, and hope all the others will be cooperative as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I’m sure she enjoyed the singing. It cleared her lungs and made her tired. She’s a funny cat. She came home, went right to her food dish and had a good snack, then napped. When she was going weekly for her broken leg, that’s what she always did even if she just had breakfast before she went. Something about the vet makes her hungry.


  3. Good to hear Morgan is vaccinated and healthy. Teddy and Jack are quiet on the way to and from and while at the vet. Teddy has to be dragged out of the carrier when we get there. Jack, well, he just walks out and makes himself at home checking everything out.

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  4. YAY for Morgan!! Ted had a vet trip this morning too……just a follow-up ear check after having meds for a couple of weeks. Vet said he looked much better ear-wise but wants me to STRUGGLE with the ear drops for another week. No more follow-up though. Whew! Small mercies. Happy Friday!

    Hugs, Pam

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  5. We made a similar trip with our dogs this week. The vet seemed them โ€œvery sweet,โ€ so she is obviously a good judge of character! The cats are off the hook for a little longer.๐Ÿ˜บ


  6. Morgan looks zonked! Thank you for the great Sassy Cat report today, Sasha Well done with your investigative skills. Good to hear Morgan is a healthy girl and vaccinated! Good thing she was gifted a toy mousie from the vet… haven’t heard a thing about mices at the new house. Enjoy your weekend Sassy Cats and Peeps!

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