Sassy cats — Sundrops

Morgan: Crank up the sun please!

Cats love sundrops. They will seek them out and spend as much time as possible in them.

Sasha: Gus, you are stealing my sunlight!

Sometimes the sun moves and only a part is still in the sun. That seems to work though.

Sasha: Not better. You are still stealing my sun!

Morgan: Gotta clean my toesies. The sun will dry them so I don’t get “cathletes” paw!

It’s still good enough.

Nothing better than a bath in the sundrop.

All the felines and humans wish you a great weekend and for those in the US, enjoy your Memorial Day!

62 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Sundrops

  1. Teddy and Jack like the sunspots except when it is in the upper 90’s, then they find a soft spot near an air vent. Supposed to rain here tomorrow. I hope so! It is wicked hot and humid for peeps but way too dry for the earth.

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  2. Sadly we have raindrops today, tomorrow, and probably Sunday but we’re hoping for sundrops Monday! Teddy likes to lie in the grass in the front yard and will fall asleep easily…..he’ll wake up when the sun has moved and he’s not in it any longer and drag himself over to get back in the sun. Have a super Memorial Day weekend!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy the Sun Worshipper

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  3. Sunbaths are the highlight of a cat’s day. Our cats and foster cats spend a good bit of time seeking them out. I hope you have a good holiday weekend too!

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    • When I worked (in cold air conditioning) I could drive home at lunchtime. My deck would be in full sun and I’d love to sit there and warm up. It would take me through the rest of the day in the ice locker they called an office.

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        • Sigh! I also have dry eye (and dry mouth). I never suffered from seasonal allergies until the past few years (thanks aging). So, the drops that help the allergies, also make my eyes dry. Yet if I don’t use them, they are tearing and I can’t stand bright light.

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