Sassy cats — Eating woes

Sasha and Gus on squirrel patrol. They have equal sized butts although Gus looks a little big here. Maybe it’s the stripes. Never wear horizontal stripes on your butt!

It’s the peep this week. I wrestled the blog from Gracie, our star reporter and the other three who are busy with their breakfast coma nap.

Since moving to this new house, I’ve been struggling to get a feeding routine that works. I have to feed the grays separate from Gus and Sasha as the latter two will push their way in and eat everyone’s food. We don’t have a room with a door on the first floor except the powder room and my bedroom so I’ve been feeding them in the front part of the house with the other two in the back. It somewhat works but as soon as Gus and Sasha finish their dishes they go looking. Yes, it’s all the same food. Sometimes from the same can but it seems to be tastier when someone else has licked it first.

Morgan and her post-its. Appetizer or aggression release?

Gracie, small though she is, will not allow herself to be pushed out. Morgan doesn’t like the drama and leaves. I pick up her dish and follow her to a new spot that she picks out. It’s time consuming because while Sasha and Gus chow down like there is no tomorrow, the grays dine as if they were in a fine restaurant, taking the occasional pause to look at the surroundings. They smell the bouquet and check the vintage of the food. I have to stand there until they are finished.

It won’t always be like this. First I’m thinking of feeding the grays in my bedroom. Not ideal but effective because I can close the door. We are waiting for a contractor to close in a section of the front room and that will have a door. That may be better but it’s months off until the work is done. Until then, we play musical chairs with the food.

Now for a new pic of our lovers:

I have no idea what they are doing but they are happy!

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend.

59 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Eating woes

  1. That top squirrel patrol picture is perfect. They look so intent.
    Eating time is always fun. Opposite dining rooms helps but I end up worrying about spilling carried food to the back to RC’s window ledge…then there’s the times she refuses to attend and wants to eat alfresco where she can look out the front window up on a desk. Cats like to keep you on your toes trying guess what will work today.

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  2. My cat friend is down to one cat now, but when she had three, feeding them was a dilemma as one cat had to have raw food as he had allergies and stomach issues. He had to be segregated from the others who could have regular food, but they’d eat his raw food in a heartbeat if she was not careful. And Dudley ate that raw food in slo-mo and didn’t like to eat alone, so she sat in her bedroom with the door closed so he’d eat.

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  3. Teddy and Jack both eat in the kitchen. Jack eats slowly, and only part of his food then likes to take a break for a while. I have to pick up Jack’s food because Teddy eats his own food fast then wants to eat what Jack left for later. When Jack goes back into the kitchen, I put his dish down so he can finish. If I put them in different rooms, neither one will eat. They are the bosses here. I just do as they want. ๐Ÿ˜ผ

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    • I think the grays prefer to eat away from the other two. They employ tactics that are annoying, like smelling tails and nether regions while the grays are trying to eat. They are the bosses here too.


  4. Enjoy playing musical chairs with the cats’ breakfast, Kate. Good exercise for you + an opportunity to practice patience.

    Two cats presents the occasional challenge. Four cats is a constant challenge.

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  5. Sounds like feeding time around here. Joanie and Sammy wolf down their food and try to steal from the others. Sasha and Gus are so adorable together. Have a nice weekend.

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  6. Must be a game with 4 mouths to feed. I only had two dogs, but they shared, each leaving a little in their bowl for the other. We never had any fights, but that was a previous relationship.
    Still looking for an outlet for a furbaby. Rescue centres are still no open to visitors, and pups are going for thousands of pounds ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  7. We only have two cats to worry about – George (huge ginger tabby) is a walking garbage can, whereas Kaspar (black rescue cat) is on edge ALL the time. Kaspar tends to eat half his food, then nervously dash off on some secret mission – whereupon George will try and eat both his own food, and Kaspars. So we have to stand there, and pick Kaspars up – mostly to prevent George from eating himself to a standstill (not that he moves very far anyway).

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  8. Some like to dress up and go to a fine restaurant, others are more comfortable chowing down at a Cracker Barrel. Maybe if you showed Gus that picture of his backside, heโ€™d realize that a change in his diet might be advised… or maybe just avoid horizontal stripes. Sasha seems to love him just the way he is, though, so thereโ€™s that ๐Ÿ˜ป

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    • She always is with him. Sasha is not a solitary cat and the grays weren’t interested. I am happy that Gus was the right selection because it brought out a side of Sasha that makes her happy. His backside? Well, that’s another thing but her backside isn’t small either. They are the two chonkers in the family.

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  9. Happily Teddy is an “only” so there’s no maneuvering involved in his eating time or place. The only food issue we have is getting him to quit wanting his prescription dry food he ate for four years and LOVED to switching him to metabolic canned wet food. He hates every one of those I’ve tried…….I’m workin’ on it though! I’m thinking your idea to sequester the grays in your bedroom until the contractor does his thing in a few months might work. Good luck!!

    Hugs, pam

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  10. Ah feeding time at the zoo! I have a similar situation. But, mine is scared felines and I will eat anything dog. They are fed out of his reach, but if they see him coming they flee leaving their food behind. So, I yell at the dog…pick up the cat dishes and move them higher and beg them to come back. Arrgh!!!!!

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  11. When I had little Bat Cat and was working on slimming down 26-pound Shamu, I’d take them both to the vet. People in the waiting room would stare at the pair and someone would inevitably say, “I think the big cat is eating the little cat’s food!” and laugh like they were the only one to ever come up with that witticism.

    I got tired of explaining that the little cat got fed up on a counter. The big cat couldn’t even jump out of the bath tub. (Easiest cat to bathe ever, even when we eventually got him down to a much more reasonable 17 pounds.)

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    • At the last house I fed the grays on the counter and although both other cats could jump on it, they didn’t until the grays were done. Now they think that all the floor dishes belong to them. Hazel at her biggest could not jump high so that’s when we started the counter feeding. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare or back counter here.

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  12. We have to feed all three of our cats in separate locations. Minh gets the downstairs bathroom, and Hiro the upstairs bathroom, and Gilda eats in the dining room. No one gets out until Gilda is done because Minh is a huge pig and will eat everything he can find! When he gets out he races around to the other feeding areas just to check for leftovers.

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    • That’s what Sasha does. Occasionally she will leave her dish with food in it to scout around. It’s as if she wants to make sure that no one is getting a better selection than she is. It’s all the same food! This morning was frustrating as Gracie was being slow and I needed to get on with my day. I’m going to put them in the bedroom and see how that goes.


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