Sassy cats — Winter wrapup

It was a bizarre winter when it came to the cats. (Adorable) stray cat shows up, Gracie has a bad tooth, Morgan breaks leg, move to new house. That’s a lot clustered together in a short time. We are all recovering.

You can see how a mostly black cat is hard to photograph.

Stray — I heard from the rescuer who sent me this shot of the stray in his (hopefully) forever home. When she put him in the carrier he pooped all over everything. He will need a lot of time for adjustment. When I adopted Hazel she spent the first two weeks under the bed. She’d still be there but IΒ  sent in my other cat Mollie to convince her it was a good place. The stray has another cat at the new home so maybe that will work. The rescue named him Barley but I always called him Lucky Louie because he was lucky. Please send him good juju.

What’s that racket? — It was Morgan (without the bandage on her leg) chasing Sasha up the staircase. We can close the book on the broken leg. She is being her overactive self again. Yay!

New spots — The cats have commandeered new favorite places and surprisingly Gracie staked the cat bed on the portable table that is serving as my desk. It’s unusual in that she was the only cat that never slept on my desk at the old house. Maybe the window with birds in a tree outside convinced her but this spot is hers. At seven pounds, she is the smallest of my cats but no one puts Gracie in a corner. She stands up for herself.

Everyone here wishes you all a great weekend and happy spring!

60 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Winter wrapup

  1. Everyone has adjusted, peeps and cats – that’s a good thing. As you tuck everything into place and it feels like “home sweet home” you will get a chance to kick up your heels and get some R&R in the sunshine too. At least you don’t have the pond maintenance to dread. Morgan sans bandage is a good thing too and now she gets to use all that pent-up energy.

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  2. It sounds like life is settling down in the new home. Glad to see Gracie has staked out her spot on the desk. I always enjoy when Reboot gets on my desk and lays there purring until she goes to sleep.

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  3. So good to hear that all is right in the world of your active household. Everyone is making the necessary adjustments, and that must make the new home feel all the more yours! Enjoy your weekend…all of you! πŸ™‚

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    • Morgan’s leg is good although still skinny. I hope LL works out too. I’m the back up if the adopter returns him. I will work to socialize but I’m hoping the adopter can do that if she goes slow enough. He’s been moved around too much for his short stint in “rehab.”


  4. Sending good juju to “Lucky Louie”! When we brought Harley home to foster (#fosterfail), he also pooped in the carrier. He pooped every time we took him to the vet for a while too. But he’s grown out of it, so hopefully Barley will too.

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    • He has pooped in the carrier several times. I’m always amazed that the rescue person is surprised. I’d have a towel in there ready. I hope he does as well as Harley. I’d be so happy!


  5. Gracie is cracking me up! A most excellent choice… she must have tried out a few places. She looks like that’s been her place for years! Morgan definitely feeling fit, chasing Sasha up the stairs… Hahaha. Sending Lucky Louie lots of good juju. Enjoy your weekend Kate and Sassy Cats!

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  6. Peace in the cat world for you is well deserved. i sure hope Barley begins to relax as he realizes he’s safe, he’s got regular meals, and there are lots of nice spots for snoozing. He looks very cool in his “hideaway” – those eyes! Happy Morgan’s leg is fine – chasing another cat is definitely a sign that she’s AOK. Gracie knows a great spot when she finds it – by a window with a great view is definitely a winner………………..maybe you can now relax (at least when it comes to the cats!).

    Hugs, Pam

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  7. What a wonderful post! Yes, long may the peace in your cat world last. Now if I could only get my two to understand that the big yellow dog won’t hurt them…

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    • It is great. The rescuer kept telling me he’d be impossible to adopt out because he was so fearful. Then there were two people interested. I’m sure it’s his good looks that help. He’s a gorgeous cat. Now if only he can get comfortable in a home.

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