Sassy cats — Thick as thieves

Gus in his hidey hole on day 4.

Sasha did not want another cat. She liked her position as the diva with various minions to serve her. She was not happy when Gus showed up.

She hissed and got growly but never aggressive. She’s not that kind of cat. She was disappointed in me and wanted me to know that. Then she discovered that Gus occasionally needed some treats to help come out of his shell. Sasha likes treats and sat right next to him in line for her share. It also meant there was more food out. Sasha likes food. Maybe he wasn’t so bad as long as he knew his place which was firmly below her. Now they are often together. She has taught him a few bad tricks and he has returned the favor.They share secrets and wash each other’s face. The grays just shake their heads but secretly they are pleased that Sasha has someone to play with and let’s them nap peacefully. Young cats do well with a playmate close to their age.

63 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Thick as thieves

  1. Sasha and Gus… together. Very good news to read this morning. It’s good they have found that they enjoy playing and grooming. It was a little worrisome when you mentioned Sasha had some displaced crankiness. I knew you would have Gus settled in and they would all be okay, it just takes timeβ™₯

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    • I just found your comment in my spam file! I don’t know how that happens but it does occasionally with any commenter. Yes some never make peace with new catkids. I had one in the 90s and she was snarky and sneaky and would attack another cat. Don’t know why. The other cat got bigger than her so he could hold his own but I had to keep them separated. Not fun at all.

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    • He is amazing. At the shelter when we were crating him for the trip to my house, he freaked out and clawed up one of the helpers pretty badly. I had asked them to trim his nails when he was checked out at the vet but they didn’t. I worried a bit but he let me play with his paws which ended up in a clipping within his first week. He doesn’t claw anything except the carpets (and we don’t have a lot of those). I find it odd that he’s not into sisal (on the cat towers) or the cardboard scratcher. Just carpet. He never uses his claws with us.

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